Getting Rich with Real Estate

I am a Fundamental Investor – someone who acquires assets to hold and use for a long period of time.  Not to be confused with trading, which involves buying assets, improving them quickly, and selling them for a quick profit, which is typically referred to in real estate investing as fix and flip.  There are […]

How to Invest in Real Estate Intelligently

Everyone has learned how to invest in real estate…I haven’t seen this since 2,000s – and we know how that ended.  When I start seeing articles from well regarded analytic firm reporting that the real estate market “has finally recovered“, and seeing grandmas and grandpas pulling some money out from under the pillow and put it […]

Automation – Is it a Good thing?

AUTOMATION Automation within a business is one of those topics everyone loves to talk about.  Indeed – productivity drives results, and automation can significantly impact productivity in a positive way.  A friend of mine, Mike Simmons of asked me for a few thoughts on the subject. This is a rather short audio guys.  Take a […]