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3 Advantages of Low Cap Rate Markets (and why I buy in Phoenix)

The equity stack for our next purchase is over-subscribed. I can take a minute to collect my thoughts. This will be short and to the point, but hopefully, you’ll get value! Three Advantages of Low Cap Rate Markets The Cap rates are compressed all across the country, as you know, as they have been. When […]

House Hacking

Stay in My Casita…for FREE!

Well, there’s “FREE” in the title. You must be excited…you just wait! If you pay attention to the content I put out, you must be aware that Phoenix Syndication Workshop is happening on January 26th & 27th. Please take a look at this page to find out the details (if you’ve been living under a […]

Due Diligence for Apartment Buildings

Due Diligence for Apartment Buildings

There is a lot of confusion as to how to evaluate the physical and economic condition of an apartment building or community. This will be short, but I think you’ll be able to visualize things more clearly. Due Diligence – What is it? Due diligence defined is very simply the process of validating the physical […]

Syndication vs Partnership versus JV

Syndication vs Partnership vs JV

There are 2 basic approaches to structuring a partnership. One is a democracy and the other is a limited partnership. What Is a Democracy A democracy [artnership is one in which all of the members are voting members relative to all aspects. In a democracy, you can not limit other partner’s voting power – everyone has […]

Amazing Power of Capitalization

Amazing Power of Capitalization

One of the absolute key advantages of the multifamily real estate is the valuation mechanism. Unlike single family which is valued by way of a process which looks at the sales price of like houses, the value of multifamily resides in the income – the more the income, the more the value. A simple way to […]

How much value add do you need

How Much Value Add Do You Need

How much value-add do you need? I get this question a lot. Basically, it goes to the core of what is a good deal. Let’s shine some light on this briefly. Some theory first Let us underscore in simple terms why we need value-add to begin with. There are two profit centers when it comes […]