Automation – Is it a Good thing?

AUTOMATION Automation within a business is one of those topics everyone loves to talk about.  Indeed – productivity drives results, and automation can significantly impact productivity in a positive way.  A friend of mine, Mike Simmons of asked me for a few thoughts on the subject. This is a rather short audio guys.  Take a […]

Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

All concepts within Real Estate Investing can be broken down into objective and subjective; I’ve written about this extensively on many occasions.  The objective side of things all about math; you put the numbers on in the spreadsheet, and the deal either works or it doesn’t. The subjective elements are more difficult because these are […]

Switching Careers – Syndicating Real Estate!

Yep – your read that right…I am switching careers.  I will still be in Real Estate, but I am significantly changing my profile… NOT JUST an INVESTOR My concept of the power of investment real estate has always been relative to its capacity to produce passive income, with passive being the operative word.  Why – because […]