Syndication vs Partnership versus JV

$20 Million of Real Estate in Six Months

Well, that’s not exactly the whole truth. About $20M was what we paid. The re-positioned stabilized valuation should be $30M+.


I started like many of you – with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis…

Well, perhaps not that. Hopefully not that.

Most people look to real estate because they don’t want to work for the man. My good friend Brandon Turner (you know, the dude on the podcasts and webinar, in a checkered shirt and an out of control beard) tells the story of how he went from a bank teller, to house hacker, to landlord, to mogul. Why? Because he didn’t want to work for the man. My partner Sam Grooms went from an SEC reporting CPA, to house hacker, to flipper, to passive investor, to syndicator.

Brandon and Sam weren’t working for the same man. Sam’s man paid a whole lot more than Brandon’s, but in the end neither of them liked to be paid (owned) by their respective men, and so both of them looked to real estate for answers…

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