Real Estate Investors – Challenges, Naysayers, Uncertainty, and Doubt!

Being a real estate investor is full of challenges, naysayers, uncertainty, and doubt. You have to deal with contractor and tenants, both of whom are prone to temper-tantrums. You have to deal with local regulatory authorities, which can get redundant. You have to deal with failures, because things often don’t work as intended or planned. Real […]

Ben Leybovich Appearance on Get Rich Podcast!

Guys, do I have a treat for you today?! If you’ve followed me for any time at all, you know that there have been a few podcast appearances in the past…just a few 🙂 On BiggerPockets alone there have been 3 appearances. There was the CardoneZone appearance with Grant Cardone. There were literally countless others […]

What’s More Important When Buying Rentals - Equity or Cash Flow

What’s More Important for Rentals – Equity or Cash Flow?

When I decided to write 100 articles answering 100 most often asked questions, and began compiling what those 100 questions might be, it occurred to me that some of the questions are that should be on the list, aren’t. I think folks assume that the answer is very straight-forward, and those questions never come up. […]

How Does Inflation Impact Real Estate Investing

How Does Inflation Impact Real Estate Investing?

One of the reasons rentals are such an amazing investment vehicle is because they are inflation-protected. Here’s how the thinking goes: Monetary Inflation’s Impact to Investment Properties In our economy, certain amount of currency chases certain amount of products and services. The amount of currency can increase, without causing damage to the economy, only if […]

Can I Buy Rental Properties with No Money in the Bank

Can I Buy Rental Properties with No Money in the Bank?

Can I buy rental properties with no money in the bank? What if I have just a few thousand dollars in the bank? Can I buy investment properties then? It’s a toss-up between which of these two questions I hear more often. Interestingly, a question I almost never here is – Should I buy rentals if […]

What is a Real Estate Investment Pig

What is a Real Estate Investment Pig?

I’ve addressed the concept of PIGs in real estate in many articles previously. The concept is somewhat abstract, and seems to be quite misunderstood still, in-spite of me addressing it on multiple occasions. Just this morning I received an email to this end. The email was from a gentleman considering a vacant 4-plex. He wrote […]

Are You a Slave to Debt or its Master

Are You a Slave to Debt or its Master?

Is debt good or bad? Well, it depends on how you pay for it. One thing is for sure – this topic is a lightning rod. Some people are diehard proponents of leverage and debt, and believe that financial success is in many ways driven by debt. Many others, most notably Dave Ramsey, believe and […]

How to Write a Lease for Roommates

How to Write a Lease for Roommates

If I were to make a list of 100 most commonly asked questions, this one would certainly be on it – how to write a lease for roommates. Indeed, just yesterday this subject came up in conversation on social media, and folks were quite engaged. As you know, I am not an attorney, so don’t interpret […]

Should Tenants Pay the Utilities

Should Tenants Pay the Utilities?

Utilities used to be a token cost. Natural heating gas was cheap. Electricity was cheap. And water was literally nothing. Today, all of these have inflated dramatically, to the point that in some markets they have outpaced rent growth by a significant clip. With this in mind, as investment property owners we have to be […]

My Favorite Pastime… And Ben Leybovich on

We all have that thing we do that calms our nerves, and makes the world seem smaller and more manageable. At least all of us should have that thing. We are busy and stressed all of the time, and there needs to be some time set aside for ME! For some it’s a matter of getting out […]

How to Value a Multi Unit Investment Property

How to Value a Multi Unit (5+) Investment Property

We buy all types of different property for our investment purposes, including single family, small multi-family, larger multi-family, storefront, storage, parking, industrial, strip-mall, and many combinations thereof. It’s important to understand that while there are positives and negatives to all different property types, a lot of our decision is driven by the realities within the […]

How Much to Pay for a Fourplex

How Much to Pay for a Fourplex Investment Property

In an earlier article “How much should I pay for an investment property,” we discussed the methodology behind estimating value of Single Family Residences. As we discussed, the CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) looks at similar houses which sold, and then makes adjustments to the sold prices in order to accommodate the differences in condition, amenities, size, […]

Can You Buy Rental Properties with Nothing Down in 2016

Can You Buy Rental Properties with Nothing Down in 2016?

This article will discuss whether you can buy rental properties in today’s 2016 market with nothing down. Before diving in though, we need to lay the framework by discussing market efficiency. Indeed, one of the most attractive features of the real estate asset class is that it is inefficient. What do I mean by that? […]

How Much Should I Pay for an Investment Property

How Much Should I Pay for an Investment Property?

How do you know how much to pay for a house – this has got to be one of the most commonly asked questions I hear. This, interesting enough, is quite surprising. I would think that with all of the popularity of real estate on the internet today, that this would be one of the […]

Leybovich Family

Can You Succeed in Real Estate Investing Without Your Spouse’s Support?

In a past article, entitled What If I Fail with My First Real Estate Investing Deal, I explored some of the social implications of real estate investing, and how our struggles, which are bound to happen, can impact our relationships. The next day after the article appeared on my blog at I received this […]