I have been in cybersecurity for over 17 years and technology for over 20 years, I am by nature an analyst. I am very much enjoying your style of educating in the CFFU recorded seminars. I have a BA in Education and an MBA and I can tell you that with regards to finances, I am shocked about how little I actually know that is relevant to freedom. (cash flow). I know you created these years ago but this is going to enable me to change my life and I am not even out of module one yet. You were right, the mp3 are critical to my growth. I am so impressed and thankful for this investment opportunity in myself and improving my life…

Kelley M.


As someone who knows the importance of investing in myself, and my education, I had thought about purchasing CFFU for quite some time. After some deliberation, and following Ben online for a bit, I decided it would be worth the shot. I can honestly say that CFFU is the most valuable educational course that I have purchased. The material is to the point, extremely detailed, and backed with real world examples. Not only has CFFU helped me learn the fundamentals of real estate investing, the seminars have provided an in-depth perspective from Ben, who has years of hands-on experience as a real estate investor. I can say, with confidence, that the knowledge I have gained through CFFU will pay for itself countless times over the course of my journey as an investor. Lastly, Ben has shown a genuine interest in my education, reaching out to me personally, and making sure that I am getting everything that I can from the course materials. I would highly recommend CFFU to anyone who is serious about getting started on their journey as an investor, or to anyone who just wants to strengthen their knowledge about real estate in general.

Joshua B.



I’m sure you don’t remember, but we met for lunch in Columbus in June of 2016. I enrolled in CFFU, read the Bigger Pockets books on Investing in & Managing Real Estate, listened to podcasts, read articles, and eventually purchased my first investment property in November of 2016. Since our meeting in June, my business partner and I have acquired 1 triplex, 1 duplex, and are in contract for two off-market deals (both duplexes). By the end of next month, we will have four cash flowing rental properties for a total of 9 units. I always enjoy reading your articles and listening to you on podcasts. We have a similar sense of humor and cynicism. The CFFU Cash Flow Analyzer is a nice program that I use for analyzing deals…The long term goal is to acquire apartment complexes and move into syndication at some point.

Best of luck on the launch of your House Hacking book, looking forward to reading it. Regards,



I have just completed the CFFU program and just called Ben to thank him. Of course, Ben picked up and was gracious enough to precede to speak to me for 30 minutes to answer a couple of questions I had. Interestingly enough as we got to talking, he learned a bit about my situation and made a suggestion on how I can leverage the current appreciation of my primary residence into a performing asset of greater value just down the street from me.

It really opened my eyes to what Ben hammers home throughout the program…”BE CREATIVE, YOUR AN ENTREPRENEUR YOU MUST FIND SELLERS WHO HAVE A PROBLEMS FOR WHOM YOU CAN PROVIDE A SOLUTION TO.” I never would have thought that meant even if the seller with the problem is me! I look forward to completing my first deal with Ben’s philosophy and plan to continue to educating myself as he recommends throughout the program. Thanks Ben for this extremely comprehensive program.

Miguel H


Ben, first off, I am a PhD in Accounting (minor in Finance), and I am an accounting professor. You can google me and verify, I just left Kennesaw State and am starting at University of North Texas.. I bought CFFU because I want to get into more of the passive income and I thought it was focused on that (creative financing, etc.). I listened to the first couple of lectures today with my 18 year old son about personal finance and budgets, etc. and I was blown away. I know you are a musician by training, but you never mention whether you were self-taught or you got more education in business, but I told my son “this guy really knows his stuff!” (more on this later!) You hit some tough topics but made them very relatable to the average person.. Inflation, types of earnings, etc.. Your definition of assets and liabilities was spot on. And it’s funny, when I teach Intro Accounting I have to tell students that we don’t assign value to what companies do, we just report it. I specifically mention that I love Dave Ramsey, but debt is not ‘bad’. I walk them through examples almost exactly like you did, about how paying 6% on debt to build a facility that earns 8% is a no brainer, right.. So anyway.. The bigger thing about today is that when my son and I got back in the car, he wanted to keep listening! These are principles my wife and I have lived before him for quite some time (except the passive income part) but hearing it from someone else really had him locked in on it. The traveling he and I are doing this week is to visit colleges, so I had deep down hoped he would gather something from your lectures, but I never had any idea he would be as engaged as he has been! That was worth the payment by itself.

John A


I just want to let you know I have completed my first pass through your course and I have the following takeaways:

– SUCCESSFUL REAL ESTATE INVESTING IS NOT EASY. There is so much to learn, so much to know about oneself, about markets, financing, properties, negotiation, team building, mentors, etc. Education and experience are key, and for inexperienced rookies like me, the right education with smart steps forward is crucial.

– THERE IS MORE THAN ONE WAY TO SKIN A CAT, ER, FINANCE A PROPERTY. Now I know there are many ways to finance a property. Your teachings on this were excellent. You showed the myriad ways one could creatively finance using OPM, and gave detailed examples of how you did it. In fact, your examples were enlightening and inspiring, but also daunting. I felt a bit overwhelmed by all the info, the terms, the numbers, the solutions to problems which you made sound so easy but I felt were incredibly challenging, perhaps so challenging that I would not be able to master real estate investing and perhaps I should just give up. This reminded me that successful real estate investing is not easy!

– DO THE WORK. Study, learn, prepare, analyze, do the math, do the math correctly, keep your emotions out of it, network, connect, build a team, ask actionable questions, solve problems…repeat! You are an excellent teacher who presented the material in a clear and easy to understand fashion, with many detailed real world examples from your personal experience, including your failures. Your emphasis on education and critical thinking before jumping into RE investing was repeated throughout. Great strategy, great insights, great program, great value. Thanks for offering it at such reasonable cost. A lotta bang for the buck! Now, onto my second, deeper pass…

Paul O


I actually just finished listening to seminar 20 this morning! I definitely plan on going through it a couple times in the near future. Some of the material definitely requires focused attention to soak in but I also know I have a lot of time before making any deals. I got a lot of the information I was looking for. I had a very general grasp of some of the numbers when analyzing deals and properties but felt that the course explained them very well to help me better understand the concepts…CFFU further enforced the importance of networking and relationships that I’d been hearing/learning about. Knowing that even if I had some capital to get into real estate investing, I would require creative finance to really meet my goals for financial freedom…

Have a great day!

Roger S. NJ


Hey Ben,

I wanted to take a couple of minutes to express my gratitude for the wealth of information that you’ve made available through your Cash Flow Freedom University program. I’m not big on GURU programs but after having heard your podcasts on Biggerpockets, Get Rich Education and having read articles and contributions online, I decided to look deeper into your program. And am I glad I did!

I particularly love the fact that among theoretical information, you also include your actual case studies, along with actionable advice that could and should be applied immediately. In addition, this program is full of advice and hints that should be followed on an everyday basis, by every individual, regardless of their interest of Real Estate, or lack thereof. We ALL need to be well informed with respect to personal finance, whether we decide to buy a multi family house, or to budget for college funds, family vacations, new cars, etc.

CFFU will teach you how to create balance sheets, income statements, how to prepare a financial package to look more desirable to a bank officer and how to speak the lingo so that you appear more knowledgeable and will therefore command more respect. Furthermore, on a Real Estate basis, this package will gear you up and prepare you to take immediate action, both physical, and mental. It’ll train your mind to anticipate certain situations, as they most likely will be much more costly down the road, if ignored or overlooked. It’ll show you how to value and derive value from both a buyer’s, as well as a seller’s perspective. It’ll show you examples on how to raise funds both conventionally and creatively.

At the risk of creating a spoiler alert, I can’t quantify the amount of knowledge that I’ve gained from your product, and at a very reasonable price. I’ve begun taking action immediately after completing the audio’s and look forward to keeping you posted with my progress along the way.

Many thanks!



Hi Ben,
I’ll start by saying I am a BIG fan. I have listened to you in a biggerpockets podcast while going to a flip property this past summer. I am from Dominican Republic. Came to the states with family in 1995 at 13 years old. In Rochester NY since ‘99. I can relate on the accent and transitioning from a different place.

Fast forward to today – 2 girls, married, and full of dreams of succeeding in the business. I have flipped 2 houses with a partner in 3 years time and acquired a single family rental (up and running since last may). I am a part time wholesaler.

I have faith that with the guidance you have put together in this program I can create a solid vision, a plan and a legacy for my family as you have done for yours. I can see the flexibility and freedom that real state can provide to those who put the time. A personal goal is to have my kids financially educated so they skip the rat race…

The CFFU is mind opening. No longer will I be frustrated about money, now I can start to create a story through numbers as you show in your examples. The content is an easy read (not falling asleep) and it makes sense! Meaning – I’m wondering why this is not taught in schools. You are teaching not to buy the latest Jordan’s, or bimmer (used to want one), but to invest in my future self.

Inflation was a far-reaching and abstract concept, until Chapter 7 (the expensive truth – hit home for me). We are working on the Dave Ramsey Snowball, it is making a difference, wife is on board with becoming financially free. I finished chapter 9, no budget excuses, now I’ll start daily going over bank statements and creating a monthly average of expenses. Tomorrow I’ll start the balance sheet chapter. I will help me to present my case to a small local bank.

For the record, when you called I was speechless and my mind went blank so I couldn’t even ask real estate questions. Couldn’t believe that “BEN” called me personally. And when we hung up, I told my wife BEN CALLED ME!!, she said who’s ben? I told her and my kids that you are a Real Estate rockstar. I was a bit excited…

I have lots of questions, but for now I will continue reading and learning from the CFFU. Start to think and work smarter. Start to budget properly. What I love about what you are teaching is that you are teaching me how to fish instead of saying here is a fish and that is priceless!
If you made it this far, thank you for listening and sorry for the long winded email.”

Juan, Rochester NY


I’m doing well with CFFU. I finished the four modules and they were great. I will probably be revisiting them again in the future and use what I learned as a framework for purchasing my next deal. I’m doing evaluations so far, though the information has been quite helpful. Especially the idea of desirability… I’m actively looking for my 5th deal and I would love to get into a more desirable market once I hit a point where I can replace my w-2 income. CFFU is simply great because it sets up an easy to follow methodology for evaluating and purchasing a deal. I have found your course quite helpful so far, and am glad you have provided the mp3 format especially! Audio is great when I have a busy schedule already…



I find information that Ben provides extremely thorough and in-depth. I am currently on Module 2 and when I thought that I might just “breeze” through some of the files it turned out that I was taking a lot of notes because of the details and various scenarios that Ben suggests in each chapter. I really appreciate Ben taking time to put this great program together, as it’s an absolute must for new investors to know these basics. Even if you’re advanced, you still will learn a thing of two from CFFU!



Hi Ben,

Hope this email finds you well.

The CFFU course materials, so far have helped me understand the concepts very well… I have read many books on real estate and listened to countless podcasts on REI, but none dives deep enough into the material quite like yours, and it shows the knowledge and understanding that you have acquired throughout your time as an investor that one day I would like to have an opportunity to become.



CFFU is a great resource. It’s the best place to start for anyone looking to get into real estate investing. In this curriculum, Ben is straight forward and offers all the basic knowledge needed to start your investing journey. After going through CFFU, I got a handle on the basics of what it takes to be successful as a real estate investor. The Mastery Circle helps take your knowledge to the next level. Ben has created a mastery circle community by which he constantly gives new info and tips. You get to learn things as he learns new things. Ben loves to teach and it shows. He makes himself available to everyone in the group. Knowing I can ask him about anything at any time is invaluable. I don’t know where else you can get this kind of expert knowledge that’s so accessible.



Thanks for the follow up Ben! I’m actually on my 2nd listen through of all of your material. There is a lot of gold here and I appreciate what you’ve done with this. I’m learning what I can until I’m able to get started (personal reasons keep me from starting before January)




I absolutely love the material. I’ve breezed through the 4 audio modules and will be listening again (perhaps at about 1.5x speed this time). The course is very well put together and the concepts explained extremely well. You sir… are a very good educator.



I purchased CFFU about two weeks ago and have gotten through the first three modules and into parts of module four. The material has been eye-opening! Ben is very knowledgeable and provides a ton of important information and breaks it down to as much of an elementary level as possible. Since there is so much information, I know that I will have to peruse through it more than once. He has also been available to answer questions that I had concerning certain topics. Thank you for your help Ben and I look forward to becoming an expert on the buy and hold side of real estate.

Garrett May
Real Estate Investor, Cleveland, OH


CFFU is a great starting point for real estate investing knowledge. The program starts from the basics and follows the investing process from how to search for deals through closing and maintaining the property. I listened to the .MP3s and then reviewed each module with the .pdf notes. Ben’s real estate investing formula sheet is simple and effective. I have used the formula sheet as a reference for all the deals I analyzed so far. The CFFU calculator is extremely helpful and I use it to analyze each deal I look at. Thanks, Ben!



Communication with Ben has been amazing, and his responsiveness to my questions, especially calling me on my cell, is unheard of in this day and age.
Ben really cares about each and every one of his students and wants them to succeed in whatever way he can.



Hey Ben!

I think you did an excellent job with the courses and organizing it in a teachable platform. CFFU definitely gives me a thorough understanding of how to value a building and what to look for in markets. It absolutely covers what to evaluate on a property during due diligence and how to form a team that can help. The material is actionable too and I definitely appreciate that for sure.

I was looking for a clear picture of what it took to become a successful buy and hold investor, and what the process looked like from a successful and sophisticated investor’s point of view. You did a great job at presenting that throughout the course. The concepts are definitely well explained.

Thanks again for creating it!

Cody B.


No doubt I came to the right place (CFFU). You are an excellent teacher, concepts are very well explained. Thanks for putting this all together – and at a reasonable price.

Lisa G.


I chose CFFU after deciding it was time to learn all about real estate investing. I soon heard about Ben, saw an interview onBiggerPockets.com, and liked the way he explained things. I also like how you get the courses in two formats including audio. There’s a ton of info there, I’ll have to go through it a few more times!

Matt B.


The only problem I had was that I did not join CFFU sooner. Ben shows you everything you need to know to get in the real estate game. If you’re not willing to join up at the small fee he asks for, I believe you’re not serious about even buying property!
I just got my first property months after joining CFFU. This is real. If you fail to get in the game after learning the creative financing methods then you did not apply yourself!



Hey Ben,
Hope all is well. Thought I’d share my unofficial success story up to this point as the teachings in CFFU definitely helped steer me in the right direction, throughout my analysis and acquisition process. Money very well spent in my opinion. My business partner and I finally got a Duplex into contract as of late April. We’re buying in West Joliet (Southwest Suburbs of Chicago). I clearly see why RE investing is not for everyone. Our journey starts when we first viewed the property back in mid-April. We were able to meet the seller at the first viewing of the property, which I hear is kind of a rare thing. Needless to say, this guy was a trip. Older gentlemen in his 70’s, supposedly in the business for over 40 years with 50+ properties. After further research and conversations with him I could tell right away this guy has a semi-slum lord mentality. One unit with verbal month to month agreement, luckily the other unit has a one year lease (Met & Spoke with MTM tenants who are willing to sign a lease pending a background & credit check). So he accepts our offer and we schedule the inspection. Day of the inspection comes and before we even get into the property the seller starts arguing with the property inspector over some non-sense and a city inspection certificate. Now at this point I believe most people would run as the seller almost assaulted my inspector, but I decided to try and calm the seller down to keep the deal going, luckily I was successful. The other reason we stayed persistent with this deal came back to the expandability subject discussed in CFFU. The first floor unit is a 2 Bd./ 1 Ba., and the second floor unit is 1 Bd./ 1 Ba.. With some out of the box thinking, we discovered that the 1 bed, 1 bath unit can be transformed into a 2 bedroom unit with the addition of a simple wall in the right location and some closet relocation. Plus all utilities including trash services are paid by the tenant (This is hard to find in my area). This is projected to increase our returns by 1.5 times what I underwrote for the property! We’re projected to close on 6/3, pending any other issues that may come up (Fingers Crossed they don’t). Second unit expansion will have to wait until the 1 year lease is up March of 17′.

Take care Ben,



Hi Ben,
I reached out to you on BiggerPockets last week and you replied.
On Module 2 now and loving the content.
I’m a Contractor so I listen mostly at work while I’m working.
So far so good, understanding everything and enjoying every seminar.
Can’t wait to keep listening.


Jamie G



I have made it to Module 14 in CFFU and have enjoyed it very much thus far. I think you do a great job of explaining things and part of the reason I purchased this is I see cash flow as king, so our ideas very much align.

Eric R.


At first I was apprehensive about buying a real estate course, as I’d been warned many times about “gurus” in the real estate investing space. I was also tentative about the CFFU price tag. But I decided to pull the trigger on CFFU anyway. I’m glad I did — listening to Ben’s course is similar to sitting across the table, having several one on one conversations with a very successful real estate investor, who doesn’t mind giving me all of his accumulated advice in an organized manner which makes it easy to follow. One of my favorite things about the course has been the freedom to listen to Ben without taking notes, because all of the details of his numbers, etc. are in the accompanying ebooks. I recommend the Cash Flow Freedom University to those who are looking for an overview of real estate investing, with considerable detail, structure, guidance, and mentorship of someone like Ben.

Jonah S.


I finished listening to Ben’s Cash Flow Freedom University a little while ago. I found it very informative and right on the target for anyone who is interested in real estate and would like to learn the basics quickly. I’m personally very short on time, and the fact that Ben offers his course on paper as well as audio, and is very accessible, has saved me a lot of time. I listened to some of the classes more than once to better understand the material. Overall, CFFU gave me a great overview of the real estate fundamentals. Thank you Ben!

Alina, NJ



I am a Doctor of Pharmacy and department head at the hospital, so I am DEFINITELY a full-time employee, but invest aggressively as well. At the beginning of 2015, I had done 1 flip and had 1 rental. At this point, I now have 13 SFR’s, a duplex, my real estate license, done a yellow letter campaign, a Solo 401(k) that funds local flips mostly earning roughly 25-30% ROI) and flipped another home.

CFFU is great. Just this week, I have negotiated the potential purchase of a 20 unit (5, 4-plexes). It has promise – I can get in w/o $0 if I choose to do so. 20 units is a lot to jump into all at once though, especially for a rookie like myself. I wish I had more analysis experience.

I’d share the details, but I am sure you get tired of folks hitting you up for free advise. = ) Regardless, CFFU is great, and I continue to enjoy your writing – keep it up!

Drew Wiard, IN

I loved CFFU! Ben delivers a wealth of knowledge in an easy to understand format. After finishing the course I felt confident enough to pick up the phone and start pursuing my next investment opportunity.

Bill S.

– Philip

I have never written any comments before. I will today for Ben Leybovich.
He is exceptional!

JustAskBenWhy is exactly what you get!!!
You get answers to all of your questions.
Ben is honest and generous with his advice, and to the point. The more you ask the more you learn!
Ben Leybovich and his CFFU Cash Flow Freedom University. A valuable tool for any new investor!

Je n’ai jamais écrit de commentaires.
Je le fais aujourd’hui pour Ben Leybovich. Il est tout simplement exceptionnel!

JustAskBenWhy. Le nom de son site web est explicite!
Poser lui toutes vos questions et Ben vous répondra rapidement.
Ben est direct honnête et généreux avec ses conseils. Plus vous demandez, plus vous apprendrez !
Ben Leybovich et CFFU Cash Flow Freedom University. Un outil précieux pour les nouveaux investisseurs.

-Jean Lafleur, Montréal

– Brian Demers

Buy low, sell high. That was the extent of my real estate knowledge at the beginning for 2014 – around the time I decided to become a real estate investor. Like a lot of you, I started by diving deep into reading and finding out everything I could about real estate. I lucked out by coming across some great online sources like BiggerPockets.com – where I was first introduced to Ben Leybovich. I had never heard of him previously but the first article of his I read immediately got my attention: “Why you shouldn’t buy a $30,000 house?” But wait.. that’s exactly what I was planning to do! I read more and was blown away by his expertise. I quickly identified with him because he’s very much into the numbers of a deal and I, too, like looking at numbers.

Through his articles, he introduced me to the concept known as “creative financing” – In a nutshell: you don’t ‘buy’ assets, you use other people’s money (or other creative ways) to obtain the assets and even after you pay everyone back, you’re still left with cashflow and equity. In other words, you make a profit out of $0. This is oversimplication and there are, of course, many moving parts which take time and experience to learn, but the concept really helped sharpen my thinking toward real estate.

I next found Ben’s CFFU course and even though it came with a price, it was the only course I ever considered buying. From his podcasts and interviews, I knew I would like his teaching materials. He has a sense of humor about himself and about real estate that I enjoy. He has very unique backstory regarding his motivations for investing in real estate (I suggest you listen to his BiggerPockets podcast interviews to find out more). And he always comes across as a sincere guy who may challenge your ideas from time to time, but in the end, does so because he has your best interests at heart.

Now.. if you have no money in your pocket and you’re going to go into debt buying his materials, then put the credit card away and leverage time – read as much of the free stuff as you can find online.

But if you’re like me and can afford to invest in your education to save time and to gain access to someone with more experience, then proceed as planned.

CFFU teaches you how you can step in as a “problem solver” in real estate, in a way that benefits you, the seller and the buyer. As far as details, Ben offers case studies which dive down into the numbers of each deal and the thinking behind them. These are extremely helpful and I find that by reviewing the deals over and over and working out what it would take for me to pull of something similar, I get a great sense for how to successfully invest. Of course, CFFU also comes with access to Ben Leybovich, which was the deciding factor for me. As with anything else in life, if you can leverage other people’s experience and wisdom to help you, you can go further quicker. I haven’t called Ben Leybovich yet, as he allows, but I have emailed him on several occasions and I’ve always been happy with his responses. I definitely recommend CFFU for someone who can afford to invest in their education. It’s a great course and well worth the price.

And as a final note.. I recently closed on my very first investment that involved some of the strategies I read about in CFFU. I closed on Dec 30, 2014, almost one year to the date of deciding to become a real estate investor. It’s been a heck of a journey, but it’s definitely worth it. It may seem impossible at first, but with the right tools and the right networks, anything is possible.

– Dan Ryu,
Equity Partner, Glocal B&D Real Estate Investments
Jacksonville, Florida


Years ago I jumped into investing with both feet after taking some “guru” classes and seminars and well
let’s just say that didn’t go so well. So after I got burned through the crash in 2007 I then sought out how to be safe. I landed on Dave Ramsey and his teaching which honestly at the time was great for me. It helped my wife and I learn to budget, which I know you teach as well, and just some other good things financially. But his teaching on only buying homes with cash took the “wind out of my sails”. But as I have researched more and more investing and now have come across CFFU, I see how I can invest wisely over the future. For me the game has always been about cash flow and not the windfall profits of selling quick. Thanks for all the work you put into the course. I love all the different aspects you cover and not just how to go out and find a deal. Very well done.

– Aaron W.

…You know, I’m a teacher. I teach people how to fly and fight in military aircraft. The training is extremely structured, classroom and book study, simulator(motion and non-motion), and then the actual airplane training in a controlled environment, and at every stage there are long debriefs on all the mistakes made, this is where the learning takes place. The objective is to try and get as many people combat qualified as possible with minimal attrition, maximizing training success. It’s a rather high stakes game. I see the business of RE in the same light. I have lost a lot of money in RE in the past (for me). Totally due to zero training. I have since done a lot of study, BP, your program, and all the books I’ve read are great, but there is truly a gap in preparation that is available to most people. Your ideas of “case studies”, “direct access to you”, and “hands on live day” adds tremendous value to your CFFU course. More importantly in my mind they help bridge that gap of classroom work to practical application, similar to the simulations and procedure trainers I’ve used in the past in aviation. Really good stuff.

– Trevor, OH

I listened to one of the CFFU audio samples about pros/cons of different creative financing modalities and was so impressed with the information that I bought the course as soon as possible.  I have already begun to devour the content and am looking forward to more.  Good stuff!

Warm regards

– Dan from Cincinnati

CFFU is now my marquee resource in my real-estate library, which I’m sure I’ll revisit enthusiastically in the future.


– Greg

I recently purchased the CFFU a few weeks back and am finding it extremely educational! The course covers assessing and purchasing real estate from the standpoint of building a portfolio that you can live off of the cash flow. The course includes podcasts along with pdf transcripts of all of the podcasts. I particularly like this because I listen to the podcasts in the car or at work when I can’t necessarily take notes, so I already have a written copy that i can print and read offline at my leisure. Ben presents the material in a straight forward, intelligent manner without any sugarcoating or up-selling. After only working through the first module, I started looking online at multifamily buildings for sale in my area. I located a potential deal and started assessing it according to the material I had learned in the CFFU. I felt it had potential so I emailed Ben the property and the information I had come up with to get his advice. To my surprise, Ben emailed me back within 30 minutes with good advice and good questions to direct me in further investigating the building. Ben and I emailed back and forth about the building several times as I found new information out and each time he presented me with both good advice on what I was finding as well as more good questions to guide me. Ben even spent close to an hour on the phone with me talking through the details of the building and what my options were for purchasing it. This particular building isn’t going to work for me at this point in my investing career, but I’ve already learned a lot through assessing this building with Ben’s help and I consider that progress. With my education from the CFFU and Ben’s expert advice, I know I’ll be able to make the intelligent decisions needed to build a cash flowing portfolio. I’ve purchased several courses over the years, with some costing over $1000, and to date this course has had the most valuable information and has cost the least. Thank you Ben for putting this material together and for working closely with your students, you are truly a great teacher!

– Michael

I have been a real estate investor for over 5 years now. After purchasing Ben’s course, I realized that I could be implementing a whole new income stream in my real estate investment business, a much more powerful income stream which is taxed at the lowest rate! I am now on my way to purchasing 2 new properties that will generate cash flow of about $500 a piece. I would recommend Ben’s course for anyone who wants to learn how to generate passive income and how to buy properties with little if any of your personal money.

– Fabiano, TX

Dear Ben:

I purchased your Cash Flow Freedom University course approximately 4 months ago, and I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. I loved the podcasts, which allowed me to listen anywhere. The course was very insightful and easy to understand. I especially like how the reading materials further supplemented the podcasts. Listening intently to your story, I found myself saying “yes, I can do multifamily and greatly expand my horizon to achieve that cash flow.” The Cash Flow Freedom University was motivating and suffice to say I found the course invaluable.

Wishing you the very best.

– David Duong


When I close my first deal I will be sure to send another:

Ben’s CFFU is the best money a newcomer to REI can spend to gain knowledge and help in getting that first step into the game. He is a stand-up  individual who follows through on his promises and unloads more knowledge in this program than I learned in two years of self-study. Emails were answered often within a few minutes of sending them out and I even received an hour-long phone call personally guiding me through my individual market and helping to establish an individualized plan. The guy really wants you to succeed and with CFFU you really have little excuse as to why you wouldn’t.

I am still searching for that first multi that fits the financials laid out in your plan, but I will be sure to let you know when it does. It’s just a matter of time. Thanks for all the help and if I get stuck I’ll be sure to let you know.

Thank you again,

– Derek

Hey Ben,

I wanted to thank you so much for the information you’ve provided. I used your techniques and secured my first deal within 3 weeks! I found a private seller desperate to relocate and she agreed to seller finance the ENTIRE purchase price. And get this: at 0% INTEREST! I will pay $300 per month for 5 years for a total purchase price of $18,000. NO BANKS INVOLVED. I have the property rented out for $600 per month and I am looking for my next deal. Your stuff works Ben! Thank you thank you thank you!

– Tom, Toledo OH


You probably know by now that I’ve read all of your articles and paid close attention to your podcast. And now I have a potential deal that I’m excited to share with you!!

·   10 unit apartment
·   asking $300k, my target price $275k
·   agreed to seller financing with 10% down for 30 years
·   rents currently very low at $450/$550 (1 bed 750sq ft/2bed 880 sq ft)
·   At $275k, 100% financed, it cash flows $100/door
·   And it has expandability to increase the rents and improve expenses.

Can you offer any advice or red flags to watch out for? This will be my very first investment property and I’m so excited!

(I can’t thank you enough for your advice that you’ve so clearly articulated in your podcasts and articles. They really inspired me and helped me understand the right kind of deals to look for. I consider myself so lucky to have run across you!)


– Stephanie

I found Ben to be a wealth of knowledge. He showed me a duplex that was for sale. I was amazed at the speed he was able to assess the property and what would be needed and how the property would function at completion.  You can tell there are several apps running in the back of his skull as he’s walking and talking. I spent hours just listening to him. CFFU has hours of this content available on your own time to review as needed. Thanks Ben!

– Dan, Ohio

If more people just understood the first two seminars you give, there would not be so many struggling families.

– Nick K., Michigan

Thank you so much for all the information you have shared with our family. Trent and I learned more financially in two hours with you than I did in five years of college!  We feel we have a very practical and doable blueprint to financially free our family and guarantee a safe retirement.  I appreciate your desire to educate “normal” people like us so that we too can be financially independent. We would’ve never had the nerve to start investing in real estate without your help and guidance. Thanks again.

– Trent and Kari Spencer, OH

Ben is passionate about the real estate business and the use of rental properties to build wealth. He is a creative-thinker and always willing to “think outside the box”. He has excellent techniques for personal finance including budgeting, planning, and wealth accumulation. Ben offers valuable insight into the world of real estate for investment.

– Stephanie Shutt, CPA, Owner: Stroh, Johnson & Co., OH

I want to thank Ben for putting together the Cash Flow Freedom University. As someone new to the real estate investing world, having access to Ben’s knowledge through CFFU has allowed me to think more like an investor and view financial freedom as something I can achieve. I am now pursuing my dream of financial freedom. Thank you Ben!

– Alex H., OH

Ben Leybovich is truly a student and a master of the housing market. His knowledge is deep and concise. My learning curve was cut down into a two week window on many of the things that people would spend years learning.  For those who are already experienced in the real estate market, Ben is also an appropriate channel to learn from as he is well versed in the many twists and turns that come with the legal and strategic (financing) sides of the business.  I say, “Just Ask Ben Why”, and you might find what you’re looking for.

– Gabe Pollock, IN

I have known Ben since the mid 90s, when we both studied music in college.  After college Ben and I fell out of touch for a few years, but we reconnected over a small get-together of college friends who were all auditioning for positions in a local Symphony Orchestra. Knowing only of his playing and teaching music, I was positively surprised to hear that Ben and his wife Patrisha owned 9 rental units, in addition to running a none-profit music school in Lima, OH.  It was particularly surprising to hear of his real estate success, since after many years of reading that real estate is one of the quickest ways to “make it” financially and myself trying to get my own feet wet, I was yet to meet someone I knew personally who was actually successful doing it. (Well, here was Ben doing it!) After talking over a few hours (and may I say, ignoring our other friends who talked mostly about music and music jobs), not only did I learn that Ben owns real estate, but that he managed to build his portfolio without any of his own money!  Being a musician does not leave much of excess income, and I was very impressed at how Ben was able to figure out a way to do it entirely with OPM!

Fast forward a few years, thanks to Ben’s advice, insights, and his belief that everyone can do it, I now own my first 4-unit apartment building and have done it using leverage, while maintaining cash-flow which allows me to now have equity with which to look for my second building.  Ben, in the meantime, has doubled his portfolio to 18 units and over 1 Million dollars of value with sizable cash-flow.

Of course, each person must decide which path and strategy to pursue in real estate, as well as which goal and purpose it will serve. Whatever your goal may be, Ben can give you insights into strategies for achieving best results.  But most importantly, he will coach you HOW TO THINK DIFFERENTLY so that your dreams and goals become reality due to seeing opportunities that other people don’t see.  Then, once you actually own your building, Ben will also help you understand how to MANAGE it for best outcome and long-term prosperity.

– Milan Dukic, OH


  • Miguel Hernandez Reply

    I have just completed the CFFU program and just called Ben to thank him. Of course, Ben picked up and was gracious enough to precede to speak to me for 30 minutes to answer a couple of questions I had. Interestingly enough as we got to talking, he learned a bit about my situation and made a suggestion on how I can leverage the current appreciation of my primary residence into a performing asset of greater value just down the street from me.

    It really opened my eyes to what Ben hammers home throughout the program…”BE CREATIVE, YOUR AN ENTREPRENEUR YOU MUST FIND SELLERS WHO HAVE A PROBLEMS FOR WHOM YOU CAN PROVIDE A SOLUTION TO.” I never would have thought that meant even if the seller with the problem is me! I look forward to completing my first deal with Ben’s philosophy and plan to continue to educating myself as he recommends throughout the program. Thanks Ben for this extremely comprehensive program.

    • Ben Reply

      My pleasure, Miguel!

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