Cash Flow Freedom University is a comprehensive curriculum for the real estate entrepreneur, with focus on creative finance. For your convenience, the information delivered in 20 Audio Seminars, as well as almost 180 pages of text.  All of the content is based on my years of personal experience as a Real Estate Investor.

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” ~ Helen Keller

Indeed, ladies and gents, real estate is easy to see, but very difficult to visualize.  Perspective is what separates successful people from those who never achieve their potential in this game!

The Cash Flow Freedom University curriculum is packed with case-studies of actual transactions from my career.

I offer practical and actionable advice based on real-world knowledge concerning deal analysis, property management, property maintenance, tenant qualification, negotiation, and of course – creative financing and acquisition methods!

I teach you to think.  I teach – Perspective…


  • “Ben’s knowledge is deep and concise. My learning curve was cut down into a two week window on many of the things that people would spend years learning.”

  • “I’ve purchased several courses over the years, with some costing over $1000, and to date this course has had the most valuable information and has cost the least.”

  • “I wanted to thank you so much for the information you’ve provided. I used your techniques and secured my first deal within 3 weeks!”

  • “Ben can give you insights into strategies for achieving best results. But most importantly, he will coach you HOW TO THINK DIFFERENTLY so that your dreams and goals become reality due to seeing opportunities that other people don’t see.”
  • “I appreciate your desire to educate “normal” people like us so that we too can be financially independent. We would’ve never had the nerve to start investing in real estate without your help and guidance.”
    Trent and Kari

CFFU is Comprehensive

Cash Flow Freedom University is not a “Teaser” course! You get ALL of the materials upfront – no gimmicks!

The information in CFFU is powerful enough to benefit a seasoned investor, and yet the explanations are easy to understand even for the beginner.


20 Audio Seminars


160 Pages of Text


Analysis Tools

CFFU Content Samples

All of the content within the Cash Flow Freedom University will be delivered to you in both Audio and Print formats.  As part of the sign-up process, you a user profile will be created for you. By logging into your account, you will be able to immediately download the Audio Mp3 and the text PDF files, as well as the bonus CFFU Cash Flow Analyzer software, and spreadsheets. The following are a few samples of  the MP3 and the PDF content:

Value Defined:



Yield Defined:

Basics of Value in
Real Estate:

Basics of Value in Real Estate

Gauges of Investment Return in Real Estate:

Guages of Investment Return in Real Estate

Mechanics and Paperwork of a Purchase:

Mechanics of a Purchase

Three Types of Income according to the IRS:

Three Types of Income


Money Fundamentals I & II

  • About Ben
  • Why People Struggle Financially
  • Currency, Money, and the Folly of Inflation
  • IRS Defines 3 Types of Income
  • Does Your Cash Flow?
  • Multiple Income Stream Strategy
  • Asset vs. Liability – It’s a Simple Matter of Cash Flow
  • The Expensive Truth of Your Expenses
  • Budget Woes
  • Keeping Track – The Financial Statement
  • First Step to Financial Freedom – Live Below Your Means
  • Net Worth vs. Cash Flow: And the Winner Is…
  • The World of Investing, and Why I Chose Real Estate
  • Tenets of Financial Freedom

Basics of Real Estate

1. Key Advantages of Real Estate Investments

Many fortunes have been made in real estate. I’ve been able to isolate 7 key advantages that make real estate the best opportunity for all, and especially the beginner investor. In this seminar I identify these advantages to you:

  • Real estate offers passive Cash Flow.
  • Real estate benefits from built-in Appreciation, due to inflation.
  • Real estate investment market is accessible due toLeverage and OPM
  • Real estate is an Inefficient Market, offering a skilled investor More Control over the investment returns
  • Real estate offers Infinite Cash Flow Growth Potential
  • Real estate is the most IRS friendly investment vehicle
  • Real estate Education is Readily Available, although it can get expensive

2. Financing of Real Estate – Your Social Life

In this seminar I define the key parameters involved in qualifying for a traditional mortgage. These are the elements that a mortgage lender will take into consideration when you apply for a loan. This information is important because, at today’s low rates, a conforming mortgage loan constitutes one of the absolutely best ways to finance an investment property.

    • Credit Score
    • Debt to Income
    • Net Worth
    • Down-Payment
    • Loan to Value Ratio (LTV) and Appraised Value
    • Closing Costs
    • Amortization
    • ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage)
    • Balloon Mortgage

3. Gauges of Investment Return in the World of Real Estates

In this seminar I introduce the key metrics used to measure the investment returns in real estate. These metrics are looked at by all sophisticated investors and commercial lenders alike. It is unwise to purchase an investment property until you fully understand the content of this seminar.

    • Yield
    • NOI
    • Cash Flow
    • ROI
    • Cash on Cash
    • CAP Rate – Capitalization Rate
    • DSCR – Debt Service Coverage Ratio

4. The Financing Packet – What to Bring When Asking for Money

The process of asking for money is a synthesis of art, science, and a bit of luck. In this seminar I explore both the perspective and the paperwork involved with a presentation to a potential lender which will dramatically increase your chances of having your project funded.

5. Real Estate is a Team Sport

One of the mistakes beginners make is not realizing how much of a team sport real estate really is. It is unwise to place offers to purchase without having a assembled team to ensure a smooth transaction. In this seminar I identify the key members of your team and discuss some of their functions.

    • Title Agent
    • Attorney
    • CPA
    • Lenders
    • RE Agent and Broker
    • Property Inspector
    • Contractor
    • Handyman

6. Philosophy of Wealth in Real Estate

There are many techniques under the umbrella of real estate investing. In this seminar I identify the perspective and objectives behind my brand of real estate investing. These are what has made me successful, and can do the same for you.

    • Income & Appreciation
    • Diversification & Focus
    • Asset Base
    • Leveraging of Appreciating Assets
    • How Leverage Changes the Investment Returns

No Deal Is Good Enough If It’s Not The Right Deal

7. Basics of Value in Real Estate

The essence of value in real estate is difficult to define since it is relative to the end use of the subject property. However, value drives our decision-making process and as such it is critical that you understand all of the drivers and forces responsible for setting of value. In this seminar, I begin by introducing you to the “classical” or “standard” definitions of value in real estate.

  • Traditional Value Drivers
  • How Much Do I Pay?

8. Value as a Function of Desirability From Your Tenant’s Perspective

The overriding concept relative to value in real estate is the notion of desirability. In this seminar I define a sub-set of desirability relative to your tenant’s perspective in a long-term hold investment.

    • Heaven on Earth
    • Location Desirability
    • Unit Desirability

9. Value as a Function of Desirability From The Owner’s Perspective

In this seminar I continue define value focusing on the owner’s perspective.

  • Category 1: Desirability Respectful of Stable Cash Flow
  • Category 2: Desirability Respectful of Expandability
  • Category 3: Desirability Respectful of Ease of Maintenance

10. Value as a Function of Desirability From The Owner’s Perspective (Continued)

In this seminar I continue define value focusing on the owner’s perspective.

  • Category 3: Desirability Respectful of Ease of Maintenance (Continued)
  • Category 4: Desirability Respectful of Ease of Liquidation
  • Category 5: Is it Right for YOU?

11. Cash Flow Analysis

Relative to long-term holds, the value of any investment is a function of its cash flow. In this seminar I lay out a process by which we analyze an investment opportunity relative to its’ current and potential cash flow.

  • Expense Structure Analysis
  • Income Structure Analysis

Creative Finance My Way

12. Creative Finance My Way: Part 1

In this series I define my perspective on Creative Finance, and illustrate my points by analyzing transactions that I’ve completed.

    • Three Pillars of Creative Finance
    • Why People Take Action Around Real Estate
    • Baxter House Case Study
    • Actionable Questions

13. Creative Finance My Way: Part 2

In this series I define my perspective on Creative Finance, and illustrate my points by analyzing transactions that I’ve completed.

    • Mound Rd. Case Study

14. Creative Finance My Way: Part 3

In this series I define my perspective on Creative Finance, and illustrate my points by analyzing transactions that I’ve completed.

    • Wendell House Case Study

15. Creative Finance My Way: Part 4

In this series I define my perspective on Creative Finance, and illustrate my points by analyzing transactions that I’ve completed.

    • Dutch Hollow Case Study

Mechanics of a Purchase

16. Mechanics of The Purchase: Part 1 – Where the Money Comes From

In order to be able to acquire investment real estate you need money. It does not have to be your money, but you do need money. Where does the money come from if not you and what is the process involved?

    • Seller Financing
    • 3rd Party Financing
    • Lien Theory vs. Title Theory
    • Private Money Financing
    • Sources of Down-payment Funding

17. Mechanics of a Purchase: Part 2 – Expandability and Terms

In this seminar I discuss the perspective and the techniques behind expandability, which is one of the great advantages of the real estate market over any other market.

    • Expandability Defined
    • Terms of Financing That Make It Easier to Afford The Asset
    • Terms of Financing That Increase the Returns

18. Mechanics of a Purchase: Part 3 – Walk Through Check List & Offer Calculation

In the world of investment real estate we have a saying: You make your money on the way in. Translation – you’ve got to buy the property right relative to your strategy. One of the most difficult aspects of acquisition is to know how much to pay. In this seminar I explore the process and the thinking behind determining how much to pay for an investment property.


    • Lot Topography
    • Environmental
    • Grading and Landscaping

Structural Exterior

    • Roofing
    • Siding
    • Windows

Structural Interior

    • Foundation
    • Cracks in Walls
    • Paneling
    • Hung Ceiling
    • Windows
    • Flooring
    • Bath Rooms
    • Kitchens
    • HVAC – is there AC

19. Anatomy of a Flip

To buy a house, fix it up, and sell it is not as simple as they make it seem on TV. In this seminar I outline the thinking and the process of a Flip. Don’t even think of doing it until you’ve listened to and red this seminar!

  • Where to Buy a Flip
  • What House to Buy
  • How Much to Pay

20. 12 Steps to Get You Started

You now possess more knowledge on the subject of real estate than 99% of people out there. It is time to put this knowledge into action. In this seminar I outline 12 steps to get you started in the right direction.


Bonus Materials!

I’ve included Beta version of my proprietary CFFU Cash Flow Analyzer software with this offer. I believe that the most important step in the process of acquisition of investment real estate is analysis, and this software will simplify and enhance your ability to successfully analyze income-producing real estate. Once you input all of the parameters, the software will calculate vital metrics such as the monthly and annual Cash Flow, monthly and annual NOI, DSCR, and the achieved CAP Rate.

Furthermore, based on your inputs, the CFFU Cash Flow Analyzer will also compute the value of the proposed investment utilizing both the GRM and the CAP Rate methods.


In addition, I’ve also included complementary Excel spreadsheets. I programmed these for my own use and I believe you will find them very useful in analyzing your personal finances, as well as real estate transactions. Included are:

1. The Walkthrough Checklist and Offer Calculator
2. The Financial Statement Worksheet

All of the above materials are available for immediate download.

No Gimmicks, No Teasers, No Up-Sell!

“Emails were answered often within a few minutes of sending them out and I even received an hour-long phone call personally guiding me through my individual market and helping to establish an individualized plan. The guy really wants you to succeed and with CFFU.” – Derek

Direct Access to Me!

Realizing that you will most certainly have follow-up questions, I feel that it is important to make myself available to you. I am not sure for how long I will be able to continue to make such a generous offer, but for a period of 30 days following your purchase, you will be able to simply pick-up the phone and call me. I’ve set-up an 888 telephone number, which is routed to my cell phone. And if I can’t answer right away, I will always return your call!

Satisfaction Guarateed

Cash Flow Freedom University is not the glitziest offering online, but it is comprehensive, affordable, and packed full of useful information based on real-life examples. I teach you a lot of the tools and techniques of intelligent real estate investing, but more importantly I teach you the perspective which will enable you to see opportunities that others simply can not see.

I’ve given it my all and I am so convinced that you will be pleased with the value in Cash Flow Freedom University that I will make you this personal guarantee:

If you are dissatisfied with the value you are receiving, ask for your money back within 30 days and you will receive a full refund –


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