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Guys, over the years I’ve appeared in countless podcasts. I enjoy teaching, and I’ve always felt that this is a fantastic medium to deliver a message. I’ve many times wondered whether I should have my own podcast, but never had the time, or, frankly, the gumption…

Until now!

I guess I am not nearly as busy as I thought raising two kids and syndicating apartments. Yes, indeed, my partner Sam and I are joined by our good friend Scott Hollister in a round-table podcast.

No Interviews

I am sure you listen to a ton of podcasts, and I am sure you’ve noticed that almost all of them follow the format of an interview. While I think it’s a great format for exposing the audience to the different forms of success in real estate, which can be very motivational, I do not particularly want to motive – I want to teach!

Well, I see the interview format as very limiting as it relates to actually educating the audience because all you are doing is spinning the different shades of gray, so to speak. I don’t want to start at the beginning each time. I don’t want to re-state the obvious. And, I don’t want you to have to listen to the things people “did”.

Instead, want to deliver very advanced knowledge. I want to teach very cycle-appropriate information that works today. I want to begin at a high level, and build even higher…

Round-Table Format

I want you to imagine three guys at a boardroom table talking through the things that matter. Three guys who combined have 30 years of experience in real estate and finance. The recorder is on…

We focus on details and deliver to you the nuts-and-bolts content. While this may not be as inspirational, it is certainly educational!

The show focuses strictly on large multifamily underwriting and deal structure. We devote each episode to one concept or technique and we have an in-depth discussion.

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