Multifamily Syndication Unscripted

Multifamily Syndication Unscripted Show is LIVE!

Guys, over the years I’ve appeared in countless podcasts. I enjoy teaching, and I’ve always felt that this is a fantastic medium to deliver a message. I’ve many times wondered whether I should have my own podcast, but never had the time, or, frankly, the gumption… Until now! I guess I am not nearly as […]

Syndication vs Partnership versus JV

$20 Million of Real Estate in Six Months

Well, that’s not exactly the whole truth. About $20M was what we paid. The re-positioned stabilized valuation should be $30M+. Introduction I started like many of you – with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis… Well, perhaps not that. Hopefully not that. Most people look to real estate because they don’t want to work for the […]

Another Syndication Closed

Another Syndication Closed – South Mountain Square

Source Capital is excited to announce the acquisition of South Mountain Square Apartments, a 117-unit garden style apartment community. About the Location The South Mountain Square neighborhood is in the South of Phoenix, the 2nd fastest growing city in the country. Phoenix is home to 5 million people, and Maricopa County is the #1 growth […]

House Hacking

Stay in My Casita…for FREE!

Well, there’s “FREE” in the title. You must be excited…you just wait! If you pay attention to the content I put out, you must be aware that Phoenix Syndication Workshop is happening on January 26th & 27th. Please take a look at this page to find out the details (if you’ve been living under a […]

Ben Leybovich and Sam Grooms Podcast...AWESOME!

Podcast: Ben Leybovich and Sam Grooms…AWESOME!

Sam and I recorded this podcast with Todd Dexheimer of Venture a few weeks back. I have to say, this was good! Todd a very knowledgeable real estate guy, so he asked the right things. But more than that, Todd is a human being who’s been around the block, so some of the questions were very […]

Everything You Need to Know About Multifamily Syndication With Ben Leybovich and Sam Grooms

Everything You Need to Know About Multifamily Syndication With Ben Leybovich and Sam Grooms

HAHAHAHA Listen, if you belong to that very strange yet very large group of people we refer to as the Millenials, you will either laugh your rear off and learn a whole bunch form this, or you will learn nothing and hate me forever. Either way – you get the real deal! Ben and Dan […]

New Podcast – An Honest and In-depth Conversation

Guys, I’ve been fortunate to appear on a lot of different podcasts over the years. All, hopefully, are educational to some extent. Some are quite entertaining. Few are truly in-depth. But, almost none are truly honest to the core… This is understandable. Everyone is selling something, and as a result, no one wants to offend anyone […]

Early Registration BONUS

Early Registration BONUS

Yesterday in I announced the Phoenix Syndication Workshop. Today, a very short but powerful announcement: Registrations Processed Prior to October 15th Receive PSW Multifamily Underwriting Model FREE Extremely Powerful Tool I promise you this is the best underwriting spreadsheet your money can buy. Only you get it for free by registering prior to October 15th. Not […]

Phoenix Syndication Workshop

Phoenix Syndication Workshop If you follow me you probably already know about this. But just in case: On January 26th and 27th my partner, Sam Grooms, and I will hold a 2-day event in Phoenix called the Phoenix Syndication Workshop. I am SUPER excited about this for a number of reasons: We Will Shorten Your Learning Curve […]

Multifamily Loan Options for Syndications

Multifamily Loan Options for Syndications

There are only three, globally-speaking, options for the type of loan we can get for multifamily. The main distinction comes down to the state and condition of the property itself. Let’s discuss. Portfolio Loan Portfolio loans are loans you can get from a local community bank. These banks are small banks with several locations that serve specific […]

What Are the Economic Losses in Apartment Investing

What Are the Economic Losses in Apartment Investing

As it relates to things that cost money on a monthly and annualized basis in apartment investing there are two categories of items – those that you stroke a check for every month or year, and those that you don’t. The “stroke a check” category is easy to understand. The money was in your account, […]

what's better 30 units at $600 rents or 15 unit at $1200

What’s Better, 30 units with $600 rents or 15 with $1,200 rents

This was a question that came up in the comment section of the latest article I wrote on BiggerPockets. The answer may surprise you. What’s Better, 30 units with $600 rents or 15 units with $1,200 rents Let’s tackle this question in two ways because we are discussing two separate elements here, unit count and rental […]