Can I Buy Rental Properties with No Money in the Bank

Can I Buy Rental Properties with No Money in the Bank?

Can I buy rental properties with no money in the bank? What if I have just a few thousand dollars in the bank? Can I buy investment properties then? It’s a toss-up between which of these two questions I hear more often. Interestingly, a question I almost never here is – Should I buy rentals if […]

Are You a Slave to Debt or its Master

Are You a Slave to Debt or its Master?

Is debt good or bad? Well, it depends on how you pay for it. One thing is for sure – this topic is a lightning rod. Some people are diehard proponents of leverage and debt, and believe that financial success is in many ways driven by debt. Many others, most notably Dave Ramsey, believe and […]

Can You Buy Rental Properties with Nothing Down in 2016

Can You Buy Rental Properties with Nothing Down in 2016?

This article will discuss whether you can buy rental properties in today’s 2016 market with nothing down. Before diving in though, we need to lay the framework by discussing market efficiency. Indeed, one of the most attractive features of the real estate asset class is that it is inefficient. What do I mean by that? […]

How to Reduce Risk of Adjustable Rate Real Estate Loans

What is so scary about commercial loans? Well, interest rate adjustments for one thing. Here’s how to reduce risk of adjustable rate real estate loans. I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago for the BiggerPocket blog entitled Are Nothing Down Real Estate Deals Risky in which I discussed the essence of risk as […]

Should You use a HELOC to Buy Rental Properties?

Recently, one of my Cash Flow Freedom Builders told me that he is considering borrowing $40,000 against the equity in his home to pay cash for a single family rental house. This proposition opens the door to a meaningful discussion which can shed some light on what is needed for you to get ahead financially […]

How to Achieve Financial Freedom – Live Below Your Means

How to Achieve Financial Freedom – Live Below Your Means

As you know by now, I am of the opinion that financial freedom resides within the world of passive cash flow.  And since the later is the domain of investing, we must learn to invest.  I hate to once again point out the obvious, but as I’ve stated before you will have to find some […]

How Do You Figure Out ROI on Rentals

The answer to this question can be as easy, or as difficult, as you want to make it. The answer is in many ways a function of your sophistication as real estate investor. The thing to understand is that there can be what I call “static analysis” of ROI, and there can be time-sensitive analysis, […]

How to Raise $250,000 for Your Next Deal

Real Estate Investing is a cash-intensive sport, and chances are that at some point you’ll be raising capital to do your deals.  If that’s so, you need to establish in your own mind exactly what it is that attracts capital… For me, $250,000 is quite literally one phone call.  Why – because people trust me […]

Creative Financing of Real Estate

Well, it’s that time again.  Perhaps it’s because I write a lot, or may be it’s cause I’m so good-looking, but I do get asked to participate in investment podcast with some regularity.  One thing is for sure, though – it ain’t cause I’m smart… Joe Fairless is a fellow investor and syndicator.  He is […]

Podcast – Creative Financing for Multiple Investment Properties with Ben Leybovich and the Louisville Gal

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I am, how should I say…rather forward with my comments around real estate investing – I call it as I see it.  And what do I see?  I see that which can not easily be seen.  Thus is the essence of creative financing…. I’ve […]