New Podcast – An Honest and In-depth Conversation

Guys, I’ve been fortunate to appear on a lot of different podcasts over the years. All, hopefully, are educational to some extent. Some are quite entertaining. Few are truly in-depth. But, almost none are truly honest to the core… This is understandable. Everyone is selling something, and as a result, no one wants to offend anyone […]

Real Estate Investors – Challenges, Naysayers, Uncertainty, and Doubt!

Being a real estate investor is full of challenges, naysayers, uncertainty, and doubt. You have to deal with contractor and tenants, both of whom are prone to temper-tantrums. You have to deal with local regulatory authorities, which can get redundant. You have to deal with failures, because things often don’t work as intended or planned. Real […]

BiggerPockets Meetup with Ben and Brandon

Unless you are living under a rock, you probably already know. But, just in case: May 24th, 2015 , Milano Caffe, 2383 Elida Rd. Lima, Ohio 45805 If you are in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, or Kentucky – I can’t fathom a reason you woudn’t make the hike to hang with Ben and Brandon 🙂 Confirm that you […]

Money and Fatherhood – Great Podcast!

I am rather used to being invited on real estate investing podcasts – this happens with some regularity.  However, I am not used to being asked to speak on the subject of parenting… When Jesse Foster of Father Nation Podcast reached out to me, I wasn’t sure how to respond.  I feel like I do […]

Earn Income Doing What You Love…?!

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but our beliefs and values always seem to be tested when we are face to face with people whom we haven’t seen in a long time. Something about “comparing notes” after a long separation colors and focuses our perspectives… EARN INCOME DOING WHAT YOU LOVE Specifically, the question […]

Should I Get Real Estate License

The other week I published an article on the BiggerPockets blog which dealt with the question of whether it’s helpful or necessary to get real estate license for someone aiming to be a real estate entrepreneur.  There are many angles to this subheading and predictably the article received a lot of comments. This conversation is very […]