Real Estate Investors – Challenges, Naysayers, Uncertainty, and Doubt!

Being a real estate investor is full of challenges, naysayers, uncertainty, and doubt. You have to deal with contractor and tenants, both of whom are prone to temper-tantrums. You have to deal with local regulatory authorities, which can get redundant. You have to deal with failures, because things often don’t work as intended or planned. Real […]

My Favorite Pastime… And Ben Leybovich on

We all have that thing we do that calms our nerves, and makes the world seem smaller and more manageable. At least all of us should have that thing. We are busy and stressed all of the time, and there needs to be some time set aside for ME! For some it’s a matter of getting out […]

What if I Fail with My First Real Estate Investing Deal

What if I Fail with My First Real Estate Investing Deal?

I mentioned in a post not too long ago how I don’t have to think much about the titles for my articles, since they come to me in the form of questions and comments every day. Well, the one I want to talk about today is quintessential; if I could get a dollar for every […]

Make Money Doing What You Love!

Introduction Make money doing what you love – that’s the age old advice.  But, how do we really achieve this?  Indeed, all of us need money to live on, but most of us would rather not to hate our jobs and be bound by them solely for the sake of income.   At the outset […]

How to Make 20k in 2 Weeks

There are a lot of gurus, and in general less-scrupulous investors, who will tell you that if you are new to real estate investing and you really need some cash quickly, what you should do is wholesale a few houses.  Even on the most reputable Real Estate Investing website, the, this message is unfortunately […]

Earn Income Doing What You Love…?!

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but our beliefs and values always seem to be tested when we are face to face with people whom we haven’t seen in a long time. Something about “comparing notes” after a long separation colors and focuses our perspectives… EARN INCOME DOING WHAT YOU LOVE Specifically, the question […]

How to Build a House (the J Scott Way)

When it comes to internet marketing, there are some underlying fundamentals which are based on solid research and are equally applicable to all types of content.  I am no wunderkind when it comes to this stuff, but one of these fundamentals is apparent even to me.  It goes something like this – all content delivered […]

Should I Get Real Estate License

The other week I published an article on the BiggerPockets blog which dealt with the question of whether it’s helpful or necessary to get real estate license for someone aiming to be a real estate entrepreneur.  There are many angles to this subheading and predictably the article received a lot of comments. This conversation is very […]

What Is Financial Statement

The world of accounting and paperwork is a dark, dark forest to me indeed, and if it weren’t for Patrisha, my incredibly organized better half, I’d be totally lost.  There is, however, one piece of paper that excites me like none other, and it is the Financial Statement!  When I learned what is financial statement, […]

Should I Be Syndicating Real Estate Deals

What is the second most precious commodities known to mankind?  Time – right?  It is second only to health, and when either is gone – they’re gone; no amount of knowledge or money will bring them back once they’re gone.  Basic truths; not opening any windows to the world here I hope… Well, I know that what I’m feeling […]