Ben Leybovich on Cardone Zone with Grant Cardone

I’ve got a treat for you today, guys.  Recently, I invited to appear on CardoneZone with Grant Cardone, and it turned out to be a hell of an interview.

Grant Cardone is big time.  He wrote the now famous The 10x Rule and Sell or Be Sold.  He has made a ton of money in business, and a ton more in real estate by investing in apartments.

His recent appearance on the BiggerPockets podcast generated a lot of buzz, but not everyone agreed with everything Grant had to say – I certainly didn’t.  Specifically, he made it out like No-Money-Down investing is baloney, with which, as you can imagine, I disagree…

Well – just cause I can, I wrote a post for the BiggerPockets blog entitled Grant Cardone is Fabulous, but He’s Wrong:Here’s Why.  If you think my post generated a lot of heat – you are right; 65 comments and counting!

Grant read the post, and he brought me on his show to school me – a few sparks flew!

I appear about 35 minutes into the thing. My good friend Bradon Turner comes on before me representing BiggerPockets.  The whole show was great.  Check it:

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