• Justin Kaye Reply

    Hey ben,

    I enjoyed the simple explanation and would love to learn more about CapEx. Aside from CapEx, I have noticed from experienced investors like yourself, the ability and foresight to view a deal in a way that other new investors cannot envision yet. For example, in the BP podcast I remember you mentioning that when you make offers for a property, you already know going in that the seller should be motivated to sell because they have problems(management, property conditions, renters, etc.) that need to be solved.

    It would be awesome to learn about the specific things you have in place in addition to picking up trends, running the numbers, and establishing network relationships that allow you to find properties with landlords who may have an incentive to sell but have not yet listed their property on the market. I appreciate your videos and I am excited to learn more!


    • Ben Reply

      Justin – there are no shortcuts. I am afraid, finding property that makes sense to own and is sensible purchase is just hard. A” I can say is that the more people you know, and the more people know you, the more opportunities you’ll be able to put your eyes on…

      I’ll see what I can do to break down CapEx a bit more in future videos 🙂

      Thanks indeed, Justin!

      • Justin Kaye Reply

        Thank you for your feedback. I agree, relationships are the key. It is my next goal to learn as much of the financing language so I can begin to establish a network of mentors.

  • Cydni Reply

    Thanks for this, Ben!

    I really do want to know more about cap ex, cap rates, etc. So this video was certainly helpful.

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