How to Build a House (the J Scott Way)

money houseWhen it comes to internet marketing, there are some underlying fundamentals which are based on solid research and are equally applicable to all types of content.  I am no wunderkind when it comes to this stuff, but one of these fundamentals is apparent even to me.  It goes something like this – all content delivered via the internet can be subdivided into 3 categories:

Category 1:     Content that explains to the user WHAT to do.

Category 2:     Content that explains to the user HOW to do it.

Category 3:     Content that offers TO DO IT FOR/WITH the user.

Products in each category are progressively more comprehensive and therefore typically sell at higher price-point.  So, a Book or even an e-Book are both examples of content belonging to the Category 1.  Courses on CD, MP3, or video are examples of Category 2 content.  They are more personal in “feel” and are usually a lot more complete than a book.  And in lieu of only answering the question “What”, they also offer actionable guidance on “How”.

The Cash Flow Freedom University, for instance, which not only answers the question of “what – real estate”, but also outlines “HOW” by providing creative finance tools and techniques, is an example of Category 2 content.

Now – if you know anything about me, you know that I am not on the flipping band-wagon and never have been, and CFFU is all about finance and acquisition of income-producing property.  I like passive cash flow – what can I say…


And yet, I am aware that fix and flipping interests a lot of you guys.  Furthermore, I simply LOVE competence and success in all of its incarnations.  For these two reasons, today I want to tell you about a colleague of mine…

His name is J Scott, and he and his wife Carol are the absolute pros of fix and flip; truly – they are as good as it gets, guys.  If you are a member of BiggerPockets you surely have heard J’s name before (if you are not a member, you should be).


I don’t know how I missed it up until now, but two days ago I stumbled onto Scott’s new blog called , and I think it’s killer!  If you want to flip houses, the one thing you absolutely must know is construction.  I truly believe that by following this blog you will learn more about construction than you’ve ever wanted to know – and it won’t cost you a dime!

Here’s the deal:

As I mentioned, J and Carol are very successful flippers.  But, their recent project is not a flip but construction of a new home for their own family.  They are building the house of their dreams from ground up…WOW!

TheScottPad blog is a real-time video blog of the trials and tribulations that they are going through.  Carol is the one recording all of the videos, and she walks through every detail – from finding the lot and negotiating the purchase, to esthetic and structural design elements of the planned construction, to time-tables, plans, specs, and – the budget.

It is awesome guys – I am hooked.  I am out there looking for 150 units to syndicate, but I’ve never built a home from ground up and I am flat out hooked on the J’s project.  It’s like watching soap opera that is actually educational and makes you smarter…


If you are at all interested in flipping, or want to know how to build a house for your own family, you simply must check this out.  You’ll learn a ton and it won’t cost you a penny.  In the worked of Internet Marketing in which this type of content could cost you thousands of dollars, TheScottPad is simply a gift.  It’ll tell you “WHAT”; it’ll tell you “HOW”, and it’ll practically take you by the hand and walk you through the entire process of building a house from ground up…

P.S. They are not paying me a dime to send you there.  I just think that in a world of educational content, this blog is top notch! Check it out at


  • Adam Reply

    J is actually breaking the mold on this one. I find it very exciting. There are tons of people that blog their home improvements but only TV shows actually record them. Very soon there will be something similar on netflix/hulu/amazon.

    • Ben Reply

      Hah – those of us who know J have top assume that this is about more than just chronicles of a house built…lol

      Thanks for jumping in Adam!

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