How to Build a Shed

How to Build a Shed
How to Build a Shed

I am going to start out by saying something a bit controversial.  I know, big surprise – it’s not like a have a reputation for controversy or anything…

Here it is:

I believe that in Real Estate investing knowing how to do things is much more important than being able to actually do them!

Now, I know there are die-hard do-it-yourselfers among you who are going to completely disagree; and this is your prerogative.  However, I have made a decision a long time ago that my time is better spent doing things other that manual labor.

How Do You Know What Stuff Costs?

You see, my ability and yours to know how much things should cost, how long they should take, and what’s involved in general is teed-up by my knowing exactly what it takes to do them.  And while I do not typically participate in completing projects any longer and have not in about three or four years, once in a while I can still be seen…ON THE ROOF!

How to Build a Shed_ Ben on the Roof
How to Build a Shed_Ben on the Roof


I know – can you believe it?  Me neither, but while there is nothing that can be said in my defense, it did happen…

You see, Patrisha’s parents came down in time for twin’s Birthdays; they are 5 now.  My dad-in-law is a life-long Home Depot man and you’d be hard-pressed to find something that he can’t do which can be done with one’s hands – it’s really quite amazing indeed.

Well, every time he comes to town he looks for something to fix or build – that’s just his thing.  Usually I say no to his advances on the “building front”, and we go golfing instead.  But, this time for some reason I said – let’s build a shed.

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  • Roberto Reyna Reply

    May I ask how much does this specific training at your university cost?

    • Ben Reply


      CFFU is an all-inclusive set of materials which comes as an immediate down-load. The cost is one-time $295. There is a no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee.

      Thank you!

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