Syndication vs Partnership versus JV

$20 Million of Real Estate in Six Months

Well, that’s not exactly the whole truth. About $20M was what we paid. The re-positioned stabilized valuation should be $30M+. Introduction I started like many of you – with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis… Well, perhaps not that. Hopefully not that. Most people look to real estate because they don’t want to work for the […]

New Podcast – An Honest and In-depth Conversation

Guys, I’ve been fortunate to appear on a lot of different podcasts over the years. All, hopefully, are educational to some extent. Some are quite entertaining. Few are truly in-depth. But, almost none are truly honest to the core… This is understandable. Everyone is selling something, and as a result, no one wants to offend anyone […]

What Are the Economic Losses in Apartment Investing

What Are the Economic Losses in Apartment Investing

As it relates to things that cost money on a monthly and annualized basis in apartment investing there are two categories of items – those that you stroke a check for every month or year, and those that you don’t. The “stroke a check” category is easy to understand. The money was in your account, […]