New Podcast – An Honest and In-depth Conversation

Guys, I’ve been fortunate to appear on a lot of different podcasts over the years. All, hopefully, are educational to some extent. Some are quite entertaining. Few are truly in-depth. But, almost none are truly honest to the core… This is understandable. Everyone is selling something, and as a result, no one wants to offend anyone […]

What Are the Economic Losses in Apartment Investing

What Are the Economic Losses in Apartment Investing

As it relates to things that cost money on a monthly and annualized basis in apartment investing there are two categories of items – those that you stroke a check for every month or year, and those that you don’t. The “stroke a check” category is easy to understand. The money was in your account, […]

What is House Hacking and How Does it Make Money?

You can afford anything you want, as long as it makes money! That’s the concept behind house hacking and how it makes you money This is the main concept I want you to keep in mind while you read all that follows. Understand that by its’ very nature, if the thing you want is able […]