Luxury House Hacking Podcast

Luxury House Hacking Podcast

So, before I go on someone’s show I always make sure and take a listen to a few of their previously recorded podcast. Well, I knew that Brett and Jaren from the Simple Wholesaling Podcast were a bit on an “adorably goofy” side, which was fine and not worrisome. However, I also knew that they are both Christians who take their faith very seriously, which meant that on their show I’d have to behave…

I think you will agree that I flunked that test. Crashed and burned LOL.

But, the conversation was really very good. We talked real estate, and Luxury House Hacking.

And here’s what else we covered in the 65-minute podcast:

  • House Hacking and How To Do It
  • How is Luxury House Hacking Different and Special
  • Who Is it Right For
  • How Is Management of the Cash Flow Different
  • Why is it Easier to Manage a Luxury House Hack
  • What Management Systems Are Used
  • and much, much more!

Lots of interesting nuggets here for those of you who want to scale up your lives and let someone else pay for it. Please enjoy!

Click HERE to Listen

And Click HERE to Buy the House hacking Book

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