Fantastic House Hacking Podcast with Cash Flow Guys

What can I say – some podcast appearances I do because that’s the nice thing to do when invited, while others I do cause I got to have some fun in life…

This is one of those!

Tyler Sheff, of The Cash Flow Guys, sounds a bit scary when he talks. Dude kinda sounds a bit like he just got off of his Harley Davidson on his way into a bar, and you were dumb enough to step on his toe, and now you are getting a piece of his mind…hahah

I actually had someone contact me having listened to this episode, and actually said something like – great podcast Ben, but Tyler scares me a little 🙂

House Hacking Podcast with Cash Flow Guys

Ladies and gents,

Tyler Sheff is cool, and the dynamic between us is fantastic on this show. He is a real estate investor; he’s got a sense of humor; and it just so happens that his wife suffers from MS. We were able to relate to one another beautifully on all of these points.

And, to boot, Tyler and his wife are house hackers! (They do it the wrong way…haha…but they do it)

I think you will really enjoy this show.

The Cash Flow Guys: Show 93 – House Hacking with Ben Leybovich

Did you like it?

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