House Hacking

House Hacking Podcast with Darren, Jason, and Pili; You’ll Die Laughing!

I know, I know…every time I share one of these I tell you it’s funny and good. But, this one is like – damn!

But let’s back up a bit. Every morning I wake up to a text message on my iPhone. The message is always the same – “Good Morning, gentlemen”.

This message is from my good friend Darren Sager, and the reason it is in plural is because there are 3 people in the thread: Darren, Brandon Turner, and myself.

You know, I read somewhere that in the next 5 years the person you will become will be a blend of the five people you come in contact most on a daily basis. Darren Sager and Brandon Turner tees this whole scenario up for me…could be worse…

Darren Visited Us in Arizona

This wasn’t the first time he stayed with us. But, this time was a longer stay than before. He needed to decompress a bit, and aparently hanging out with Patrisha and our kids is Darren’s nirvana. Darren needs help, but that’s neither here nor there lol

Upon arrival he put me on notice that we’d be recording a podcast with a couple of friends of his from Jersey, Jason and Pili Yarusi.

I said: Who are they and why are we doing a podcast with them?

Darren said: Why do you care; you get to talk about yourself for an hour. What’s the problem?!

I said: Right. Good point…

This turned out to be the funniest show I’ve ever done. I talked. Darren interrupted. Pili laughed. Poor Jason couldn’t really get a word in…hahah

Guys – you will laugh straight through!

PS: Have you read the House Hacking book yet?



  • Kevin Reply

    Great podcast – well, what I can understand of it anyway, haha. I’m new to this and there’s so much lingo to learn.

    • Ben Reply

      Thanks so much for listening, Kevin!

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