How Does Inflation Impact Real Estate Investing

How Does Inflation Impact Real Estate Investing?

One of the reasons rentals are such an amazing investment vehicle is because they are inflation-protected. Here’s how the thinking goes: Monetary Inflation’s Impact to Investment Properties In our economy, certain amount of currency chases certain amount of products and services. The amount of currency can increase, without causing damage to the economy, only if […]

Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

All concepts within Real Estate Investing can be broken down into objective and subjective; I’ve written about this extensively on many occasions.  The objective side of things all about math; you put the numbers on in the spreadsheet, and the deal either works or it doesn’t. The subjective elements are more difficult because these are […]

CAP Rate Real Estate – What is it and How to Use It

INTRODUCTION CAP Rate (Capitalization Rate) Analysis is the standard barer for estimating value of any large commercial  income-producing asset, including multi-family residential which is 5 units or larger, multi-unit commercial, strip mall, retail mall, office, storage, industrial, etc.  While the CAP Rate Analysis is not typically utilized by the bank appraisers for small multiplex, as […]