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House Hacking Podcast with Jake & Gino

I’ve got a treat for you today. I am close to publishing my new House Hacking book, and I had the opportunity to sit down with Jake & Gino of .

These guys are apartment investors and this is my second time on their show. This podcast is an hour, but it’s funny and full of really good content! Plus, we spent basically the entire time talking House Hacking 🙂


“This is not the typical rent your first duplex strategy. We really think Ben is on to something here and we are super excited about the release of his new book.”

In this house hacking episode, you will discover:

  • Passive income
  • Finding your nirvana
  • Growth markets
  • Tesla stock
  • RE entrepreneurship
  • Shortening the learning curve
  • House Hacking
  • Cashflow
  • Assets vs. liabilities
  • And much much more!

Take a listen on your drive from work. You’ll love it!

Interested in learning more about house hacking?

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