House Hacking Ben Leybovich

House Hacking – People Are Saying it’s Not Like the Other Books!

What is House Hacking? Typically this would not be a difficult question to answer. For me, however, House Hacking is several related but separate things. Let me see if I can get through this without omitting anything important! House Hacking is 3 Things First – House Hacking is a strategy that is allowing me to […]

How Much Income Tax Will You Pay on Vacation Rental Income?

When it comes to house hacking and vacation rental income, one of the more important considerations is how to handle short-term income tax. In my upcoming book, House Hacking:  The only real estate investing strategy you need to build wealth, live for free (or almost free), and make money through homeownership, I address many aspects of […]

Should I house-hack or buy a real estate investment property?

In today’s market, should I house-hack and (combine primary residence and investment all in one) or should I buy a real estate investment property first? This is an important question. Let’s dive in! The presumption I make with this article is that you will follow my advice and do a house-hack, which means that you […]