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House Hacking – People Are Saying it’s Not Like the Other Books!

What is House Hacking? Typically this would not be a difficult question to answer. For me, however, House Hacking is several related but separate things. Let me see if I can get through this without omitting anything important!

House Hacking is 3 Things

First – House Hacking is a strategy that is allowing me to live almost for free in a very nice upscale home!


My family and I just came back from another trip in the Tesla. We went to visit family and this time we stayed on the West side of the country – California, Nevada, and Utah. Tesla was fun, as always, and this ended up being another great trip.

It was nice to come back, though!

As we walked into our house, my wife and I were immediately elated and impressed by our house hack…yet again. Walking into the house having been away and out of the house, and having visited many places along the way, drew an immediate contrast – ours is not the most expensive house, but it is definitely a nice house!

While I can certainly handle the ownership burn on this house, what makes it an easy decision for me to spend more on a house is that I am not the one paying for it!

While we were gone a new guest checked in, and AirBnB informed me via email that they’ve deposited money in my account. Think of it this way – while I was traveling AirBnB was paying my mortgage 🙂

I like that!

So, as I mentioned above – House Hacking is a strategy that is allowing me to live almost for free in a very nice upscale home!

Second – House Hacking is a real estate investing strategy that has quite literally put over $7,000 of pure, unadulterated cash flow on my books in the space of the last four and a half months.

That’s right – this latest email from AirBnB wasn’t the first. I get those all the time 🙂

So, it’s a house. It makes me money. I guess it’s an investment…lol

Third – House Hacking is the title of the book I wrote, which I am about to publish in a few days and in which I spill all of the beans and teach you my exact formula and approach 🙂

What People Are Saying

This is the part I am most excited and proud about. So many books on real estate investing simply regurgitate old, tired strategies, and well known facts. Is there value to these book? Sure – there’s value to everything. Are these particularly actionable in today’s environment? No.

My book is different. I know you expect the best, most applicable, viable, and useful advice from me – this is it! House Hacking is quite simply the best strategy for most of you. Not only that, but I am once again teaching exactly what I practice – I am doing it right now, guys!

And I am very excited to report that a few of the very heavy hitters have reviewed my book and have agreed with my assessment!

These are very serious people. They are very accomplished people. They are well known within their fields, and all of them have forgotten more about real estate than most will ever know…

And they agree on this – my book is different from anything else being published today in that it is so uniquely actionable in today’s cycle!

The four gentlemen who were kind enough to read and review ‘House Hacking’ are Brandon Turner, Brian Burke, Darren Sager, and Justin Gesso. I am happy to share with you their thoughts!

But, before I do that…

House Hacking on Audible!

This is the other exciting part. House Hacking will be available on Audible, as well as Kindle and paper versions!

Narrated by yours truly.

What People Say (check out the sound quality)

So here you go, instead of just reading…listen to this!

What do you think?

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