BiggerPockets Meetup with Ben and Brandon

Unless you are living under a rock, you probably already know. But, just in case:

May 24th, 2015 , Milano Caffe, 2383 Elida Rd. Lima, Ohio 45805

If you are in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, or Kentucky – I can’t fathom a reason you woudn’t make the hike to hang with Ben and Brandon 🙂

Confirm that you are coming in the comments below, please.


  • Joakim Reply

    Hi Ben,
    I would deffinelth like to be there. I hope you will do it again in late summer or in the fall


    • Ben Reply

      Hah – you win some, you loose some 🙂

  • Daniel Ryu Reply

    Greetings from Korea..Website looking nice on my phone!
    Wish I could make it to your meetup. I’ll visit one of these days.

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