Phoenix Syndication Workshop

Phoenix Syndication Workshop

If you follow me you probably already know about this. But just in case:

On January 26th and 27th my partner, Sam Grooms, and I will hold a 2-day event in Phoenix called the Phoenix Syndication Workshop.

I am SUPER excited about this for a number of reasons:

We Will Shorten Your Learning Curve – Excited About That!

It’s taken me roughly 5 years to figure out the syndication model. Everything about this is different. The financial analysis, procedural elements, the financing, the legal, and even the big-picture perspective – literally almost nothing translates from the world of rentals.

It’s taken me this long because good information is not really out there. We are going to change that!

While it’s taken me a very long time to figure this stuff out, it doesn’t have to be this challenging for you. The best example of this is my partner Sam. After we started working together it took him only a few months to see the big picture. Now, granted, Sam is a CPA and comes from a financial analyst background, and this obviously helped him put perspective on things much quicker once he had all of the pieces. But, if you ask Sam, I think he will tell you that he prior to having certain critical pieces of perspective which I was able to facilitate, he was stuck.

Sam and I are really excited about this opportunity to fill in these gaps for you! We are able to be competitive in one of the hottest markets in the country because we’ve got our perspective and underwriting dialed in.

We are excited to teach you what we know, and to give you the skills and the tools to be competitive in your market!

Those of you who will make the commitment to join us in Phoenix in January will walk away brand new investors – I guarantee it!. You will look at things differently. You will rationalize real estate differently. And because of this, you will be much more competitive!

We Will Donate HUGE to Charity – Excited About That!

This is a little personal to me. You see, there is a time in a person’s life when giving back becomes super important. I am not sure if your age triggers this or some level of personal success. Regardless, I am there…

Patrisha and I donate money every year to our chosen causes, but no matter how much we donate it never seems enough and we always feel like doing more.

Unfortunately, while my wife and I both have seen some level of professional success, we simply haven’t made it to the place in life where money is inconsequential. No, there is definitely a limit to how large of a check I can write out of my own pocket – and it’s not enough.

So, I got to thinking. What if I begin an enterprise and absorb my charitable giving budget into the operating expenses by allocating a percentage of the income to charity? This would systematize my charitable giving. Furthermore, the more money I make, the more the charity makes since charity would get a cut of the income.

Phoenix Syndication Workshop Charitable Donation

Sam and I will be donating 20% of gross income (not profit – gross income) to charity. We hope that this workshop will become an annual event, and each your we choose a charity to give to.

And the exciting part is that if we fill the venue to the max (150 registrations) Sam and I will be able to donate $30,000 – $35,000 to charity.

2-Day Event

On Saturday, January 26, we will be in the classroom format. Sam and I in the front, walking you through every line-item on the spreadsheets. HARD CORE!

On Sunday, we will have 4 speakers for three hours, including an SEC attorney, a property manager, a mortgage broker, and a real estate broker. You will be able to ask questions and gain lots of insight.

Following this, we will do a bus tour to the property. Having gone through the underwriting on Saturday, on Sunday you’ll be able to compare our assumptions with what actually happens in the first six months.

This is pretty unprecedented access!

To Sum Up

It doesn’t have to work this way in business, but I love when everyone wins.

You will absolutely be the winner here. This knowledge is worth $350,000 on your first deal!

The charity is a winner. $35,000 is a very substantial donation!

Sam and I are already winners and are more than happy to give back!

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I’ve got a huge bonus coming your way tomorrw. HUGE!!! Look out for my email tomorrow.

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