Early Registration BONUS

Early Registration BONUS

Yesterday in I announced the Phoenix Syndication Workshop.

Today, a very short but powerful announcement:

Registrations Processed Prior to October 15th Receive

PSW Multifamily Underwriting Model


Extremely Powerful Tool

I promise you this is the best underwriting spreadsheet your money can buy. Only you get it for free by registering prior to October 15th.

Not Available for Sale Anywhere

Has never been sold!

Will never be sold!

Not Available For Purchase at the Event!

Literally, the only way to gain access to this tool is to be one of the first registrants to the Phoenix Syndication Workshop.

Click HERE to Register!

Guys, we are not talking about widgets here. You can earn $350,000 for a single $10M transaction that you close as the general partner. Serious stuff – and these are the tools with use to get it done!

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