Multifamily Syndication Unscripted

Multifamily Syndication Unscripted Podcast, Season 2

I am happy to announce that the second season of Multifamily Syndication Unscripted podcast is out!

Sam, Scott, and I have been trying for months to get the second season together, but time has been at a deficit. So happy to finally come back with what we hope will be some educational and entertaining content for you.

Straight to the Content

There are only 5 episodes in Season 2. We made the decision to be as concise and pragmatic as possible. We had a lot of thoughts to get out to you, and not a lot of time. So, this is action-packed with not a lot of fluff…

The main thrust of our intention behind Season 2 of Multifamily Syndication Unscripted is to deliver a debrief of our activities in 2019. Last year was very active for us. We closed on $50M of multifamily in Phoenix, for which we raised $20M in equity. And, we hope to double this in 2020.

In this season Scott played the role of the moderator. Scott asked questions, and Sam and I did the best we could to answer. This format seemed to keep us on track and focused.

Feel free to reach out for clarifications of anything you hear on the show. I encourage you to leave comments on this article. I promise I’ll stay engaged!

And, please give us a 5-start review on whatever your platform of choice. We appreciate it!

Please Enjoy!

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