How to Get Sellers to Say YES

How to get sellers to say yes  – this is one of the most commonly discussed topics in the Real Estate Investing blogosphere.  And indeed for a good reason, seeing as without a “yes” there is never a deal, which is the whole point.  The subject, as you can imagine is a loaded one, since while most often the question is posed relative to sellers, just as the title suggests, in reality the art of persuasion is equally evident and applicable to every faucet of Real Estate Investing  business, and in fact life itself!

How To Get Sellers to Say Yes…?

In order to do this subject justice we would need to explore fundamental principals of negotiation going back all the way to the great Greek philosophers Socrates, Aristotle, and Pluto – I’ve touched on this with very broad strokes in an earlier article entitled How to Negotiate a Real Estate Deal.   I am planning a much more in-depth discussion of this subject in the upcoming posts; quite a bit of theory needs to be covered before we can tackle the application of this to practice.  Today, however, I want to tell you about an interesting post by a fellow member of the BiggerPockets community.

The kid’s name is Ben; what can I say – Ben is a good name 🙂  Ben is a fairly new Real Estate Investor still in search of the answers to the most basic questions.  But, Ben chose to take a road less traveled and more audacious which he thought would shorten his journey towards the answers he was looking for – Ben asked…

In fact, Ben reached out to 11 seasoned BiggerPockets members asking us to answer this very question – How to Get Sellers to Say Yes?  I was happy to put my 2 cents in for Ben, and I thought that some of the other answers were interesting indeed.  Note-worthy is the fact the the answers were not all the same boiler-plate ideas – people really put thought into this and I think you will find this article educational.  So, please follow the link and find out what seasoned investors think it takes to Get Sellers to Say Yes.

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