How to Invest in Real Estate Intelligently

How to Invest in Real EstateEveryone has learned how to invest in real estate…I haven’t seen this since 2,000s – and we know how that ended.  When I start seeing articles from well regarded analytic firm reporting that the real estate market “has finally recovered“, and seeing grandmas and grandpas pulling some money out from under the pillow and put it into REIT or a syndicated apartment deal.  When I start seeing stuff like this, that’s when I know it won’t be much longer before stuff hits the fan!

What does this mean to you?  What it means is that more than ever you’ve got to be more intelligent than the masses!  Here are a few thoughts that you may find not only useful, but also entertaining…


Patrisha and I built our home about 8 years ago.  Her recollection of the events is a little “different”, but I think mine is funnier, and since I am the one writing…

When building our house, I remember going to Sherwin Williams with my wife to pick out colors (like 100 times).  We finally picked out a color for our bedroom walls which had a very slight tint of beige/pink in it.  Patrisha liked it and I just wanted to be done – you know what I’m sayin’?

The construction was completed – we moved in. It was a hectic day, as you can imagine.  But, eventually we made our way into the bedroom, and to tell you the truth, the color on the walls looked just fine; not that I focused too much of my attention on the walls…first night in the new home…happy wife…no kids!

Yes – I indeed had fun moving into a freshly minted house with a happy wife.  But, then we went to sleep, and then, in the morning, we were fortunate enough to wake up.  But, that’s when it hit the fan – I looked around and had a near aneurism cause there was freaking pick EVERYWHERE…!

We installed gorgeous six-panel poplar doors stained rich, dark-cherry brown throughout the house, and baseboard trim to match.  We thought it’d be gorgeous and would help the walls “pop”.  And it certainly did; but, it made our bedroom look even more freaking pink. I mean, I opened my eyes and the whole room was pink as pink can be…

Interestingly, though (and this is where the perspective piece begins), things got better by noon-time, and by 6 PM I liked the color on the walls again…

This is when I realized for the first time that color on the walls changes drastically based on the lighting, which is a function of time of day.  I mean, I had always known this, but I had no idea!!!

It’s one thing to know something, but it is something entirely different to have PERSPECTIVE!

How to Invest in Real Estate…Intelligently

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