How Much Should I Improve my Units?

I was touring a property with my PM yesterday. It’s not quite 100 units, but large enough for a syndication. Everyone agrees that there is a clear value add story, both in terms of top line and the economic loss. Knowing which repairs to make is crucial – knowing how different improvements pay us back […]

Using CapEx to Inflate Value

We’ve been discussing CapEx as of late.  We’ve defined what it is, namely the amount spent on big-ticket depreciating items such as roofs, flooring, appliences, HVAC, etc.  Additionally, CapEx is a line item in our underwriting of income-producing investments real estate which tracks the money we set aside for future such repairs. CapEx is a […]

Negotiating to Win!

How important is presentation in Real Estate Investing?  How important is it to be well-spoken both in person and on paper…? Most people think of Real Estate investing as purely a numbers game.  While this is true in the sense that once you get a lead, analyzing it is all about the numbers, putting yourself […]