How to Provide Financially for Your Family: Podcast with FatherNation

A few months ago I appeared on the FatherNation podcast with Jesse Foster. This is a fun, and important, podcast wich aims to provide young dads with useful information on how to do our jobs of fatherhood better. I don’t know about you, but being a father, for me, has been the most challenging job to date, and when Jesse reached out to me to appear on his show, I had doubts about how much use I would be to anyone…

Podcast on Financial Literacy

But, I guess we did alright, since a few weeks ago Jesse reached out to me again. This time, he wanted to do a show specifically geared toward financial literacy. He is in contact with a lot of dads, and the notion of being “a provider” is a theme that keeps coming up.

Frankly, according to Jesse, dads are struggling today, which is understandable because we are in a very difficult economic environment. The minimum wage is too low. Automation is making it easier to get the job done with fewer employees. Income has been stagnant for decades. In fact, adjusted to inflation real incomes have declined steadily for years. All and all, it is indeed difficult to figure out how to get ahead – for yourself, and your family…

Financial Fundamentals: Efficiently Provide for Your Family

In this show Jesse and I take the listener to the beginning fundamentals. We cover how to provide financially for your family. Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • Earned Income vs. Passive Income
  • Income Tax and Effective Tax Rate
  • Systems and Investing
  • Efficient Market Hypothesis and its’ Application to Equity and Real Estate Markets
  • Relationship of the Balance Sheet and Income Statement
  • And Much More

Take a listen guys – lots of interesting information in this show: Click Here

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