Podcast with Two Seasoned Real Estate Investors

Do I have a treat for you today…!!!

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that finding a podcast host in the real estate investing space who really understands what’s going on in this industry is just as difficult as finding a deal worth buying today.

Both deals and podcast are plentiful, but most aren’t worth a damn!

Indeed, it seems like everyone has a podcast now-days. Most of these hosts, however, struggle to experience any original thoughts…

Real Estate Investment Reality

I have to say that the DealFarm Podcast seems different, likely because the guy running it, Ken Corsini, is the real deal. Ken’s been around as long as I have, done a lot of deals, gained a lot of knowledge and perspective, and our conversation was based on truth as we see it – awesome!

Funny, Ken and I come at it from different perspectives since our chosen paths in real estate over the past decade have been very different. But, our very different paths have nonetheless lead us to similar perception of the reality – Ken and I most definitely see eye to eye. On his show, I was able to outline things exactly as I see them; no fluff, no feel-good hurray Real Estate bull shit – just the truth about how things work, and why.

The format is short and sweet – less than 30 minutes. But, I was able to be honest in this show without the fear of being misunderstood – because Ken get’s it!

So here you go, a podcast with two seasoned real estate investors. To listen, just follow this link to the podacst: The Best Deal Ever Episode


  • Jean Lafleur Reply

    Wow Ben great interview as informative as ever.
    I’m happy to have found your podcasts and your teachable way of investing in real estate!
    I am profiting from it!!
    Thank you Ben

    Jean Lafleur
    Montréal Canada

  • Trevor Reply


    Excellent interview. “What not to buy”, great perspective. However I do ask myself, could any value be created by fixing whatever is making a particular property a poor investment. Like you said, see what others don’t. Keep up the good work!


    • Ben Reply

      That’s the thing, Trevor – not everything can be fixed, first of all. And secondly, if it costs too much to fix the functional obsolescence, then what you have is financial obsolescence…

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