Real Estate Investment Podcast with Invest Four More

As the say, when it rains it pours. Recently I brought several quality podcast to you, and here’s another one. This show is with Mark Ferguson of InvestFourMore.

Different Approaches on Real Estate Finance

This show is interesting in that Mark and I have differing views on a number of subjects, from licensing to our approach to real estate finance, and I think some of those differences are evident in this podcast. Just shows you – more than one way to Rome 🙂

Mark and I have known each other for a few years now, and are comfortable enough around each other so we can joke and be a bit more “edgy” with one another, which makes for an entertaining podcast.

Finally, both Mark and I aside for being in real estate investing are also big on putting out our thoughts on our websites. In this podcast we compare notes on this subject as well.

Real Estate Investment Podcast with Invest Four More

All and all – about 60 minutes of fun and solid information. Click Here to listen – enjoy!


  • Mark Ferguson Reply

    Hey Ben, Thanks for doing the show! Had a great time and I enjoy your perspective even if it is different than mine!

    • Ben Reply

      Mark – it was fun! Let’s do it again some time; we do this enough, and the newbies might learn something 🙂

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