How to Provide Financially for Your Family: Podcast with FatherNation

A few months ago I appeared on the FatherNation podcast with Jesse Foster. This is a fun, and important, podcast wich aims to provide young dads with useful information on how to do our jobs of fatherhood better. I don’t know about you, but being a father, for me, has been the most challenging job […]


Earned Income vs Passive Income vs Portfolio Income: A Comparison

As you may have derived from the title of this article, not all income is created equal.  In fact, the Internal Revenue Service categorizes income into three broad types, Earned Income, Passive Income, and Portfolio Income.  While passive and portfolio are income is generated via investments, earned income is either employment (W2) or self-­‐‑employment (1099) […]

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Multiple Income Streams vs Big Salaries

Multiple income streams vs big salaries–which should you spend your time working toward? This article shows 2 key reasons multiple small incomes provide better security and growth potential than large salaries. When going into battle, would you rather have one soldier on your side or a thousand?  Income streams are your soldiers in the battle against the […]