How to Be Frugal by Controlling Taxes

How to Be Frugal by Controlling Taxes – Video

I am not sure if this works the same way for you as it does for me, but I’ve noticed that as I gain in age and level of accomplishment my perspective on reality matures. Interestingly, I don’t often discover that I had been wrong about something and now I know better – no. Instead, most of the time I discover that while I was right all along, at least in principle, there’s more to it; there is a more refined way of understanding it…another dimension, so to speak.

One of the concepts I want to focus on today is that of frugality – what does it really mean to be frugal. All of us agree in principle that over-spending is a bad thing, and that excessive consumerism firmly plants us into the rat race. There’s more to it, though…

Please enjoy the attached video, and let’s talk. Leave me a comment below!

The Video: How to Be Frugal by Controlling Taxes

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