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I am a lot of things…

That’s a true statement, guys. Such is the life of entrepreneurship. To start with, I am a husband and a daddy – this occupies most of my time. Beyond this, some people in this world, though very few at this point, still know me as a violin teacher, others know me as a real estate investor, and to some I am a teacher and creator of the Cash Flow Freedom University

In my efforts to satisfy the needs of all people around me, I sometimes put myself in a “box” that’s tricky to get out of. You see, being honest with one group ofttimes offends another group. As a human being, I couldn’t care less – what’s honest is honest. My name and reputation is all I’ve got!

However, as a businessman out to make a living and provide for my family, honesty, as I am sure you understand, is not always helpful… 

As this relates to the Cash Flow Freedom University, which, by the way, I think all of you should jump into if you are serious about truly understanding real estate because it’s the best set of knowledge for the least amount of money anywhere, perhaps I should be doing a little more fist pumping and telling you that you’ll get rich quick – my understanding is that this kind of bull shit really sells well. In short, if I was any smart, I’d make Ben Leybovich into a guru and charge tens of thousands!

Stupid Ben Leybovich, on the other hand, is out there telling everyone who’ll listen that this game is hard, that success is uncommon, that pitfalls are everywhere, and that to get anywhere you’ll need to be better educated than you can imagine. Truly – that’s my messaging (along with a minor premise that most investors are stupid and will lose money and not even know it…)

Podcast on Securing Financial Future through Real Estate

The following podcast is case an point. I am not sure if there is any group of people in the REI community that I did not offend in this show 🙂

But – I was honest!

Besides, this show with the Land Geek Mark Podolsky is really funny. So, in short, this podcast is honest and funny, and I think you’ll enjoy it and learn something.

Here you go, the Best Passive Income Model Podcast:

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Podcast Description from The Land Geek Best Passive Income Model Podcast

In this episode of the Best Passive Income Model Podcast, Mark chats with Bigger Pocket’s Royalty, Ben Leybovich from justaskbenwhy.com. A violinist by trade, Ben was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and knew he had to find a new way to earn a living.

Ben turned to real estate to ensure his financial future and he’s on a mission to help others do the same.

The irony, Ben Leybovich doesn’t even like real estate! He’s just a smart guy who recognizes the power of real estate.

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  • Ben Biggs Reply

    Ben, I loved this podcast. One of my favorite business books is “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. In it he says that one of the characteristics of great business leaders is that they insist on hearing, and telling, only the truth. The brutal, honest, dirty truth. I love the brutal truth shared in this episode, Thanks!

    • Ben Reply

      Thanks so much, Ben!

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