Negotiating to Win!

How important is presentation in Real Estate Investing?  How important is it to be well-spoken both in person and on paper…? Most people think of Real Estate investing as purely a numbers game.  While this is true in the sense that once you get a lead, analyzing it is all about the numbers, putting yourself […]

How to Choose a Good Rental Property

You’ve heard the saying – when it rains, it pours.  This certainly seems to be the case with me and guest podcast appearances lately. Last week, I told you about a show I did with Joe Fairless of Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever podcast.  And today I am pleased to bring you another show.  This […]

CFFU is 20% OFF for 3 days in January!

What Is Cash Flow Freedom University? Cash Flow Freedom University is an educational package that I put together to help folks gain understanding and perspective on real estate investing.  The information is delivered via 20 Audio Seminars (MP3), each addressing a different aspect of my investing strategy and methods, as well as the accompanying print […]

What is DSCR in Real Estate Investing

I am and have always been very excited about real estate, but writing about real estate investing is a slippery slope.  Crossing the thin line from excited but realistic into sounding like a guru with unrealistic promises and projections of reaches is a very real danger; especially when writing about nothing down investing, also known […]