Guess Who’ll Be My Special Guest at CFFU Live?

As you guys know by now, on October 12th I will be offering CFFU Live Event based on my Cash Flow Freedom University. This is a one-day event I am offering to all of you who purchase the CFFU, and there I am bringing this to you at no additional cost. We will meet at my home-base in Lima, OH at 9:00 am. Before lunch, we will have an “in-class” discussion of the key elements of Creative Finance, as they are outlined in the CFFU. Following the lunch break, we will tour some of the subject property.

The property tour is the key benefit of CFFU Live, because the only thing more important to your success than knowing theory is having proper perspective.  The ability to “experience” the property having just discussed it amounts to perspective; this will allow you to “connect the dots”!

All and all, I think that all of you in attendance will not be disappointed with the event I planned. But, there is more; there is something that I have not mentioned in any of the prior marketing of this event…


That’s right – there will be a special guest.  Can you guess who?  Let me give you a few clues:

If you are reading this, you most likely know that I write (and spend a lot of time in general) on a site called . I’ve made a lot of friends on BP over time, but there is one person that stands out above all else…do you know yet who I am talking about?

We have written multiple articles arguing opposite ends of the same argument.  We have made our disagreements very public indeed by taking them on the BiggerPockets Podcast – not once, but twice (Podcast 14 and Podcast 61).  Do you know who I’m talking about..?

Yes – ladies and gentlemen.  

I am happy to announce that my dear friend and colleague, Mr. Brandon Turner will be joining us  on October 12th.

Brandon is the Senior Editor and Community Manager (and so many more things) on the .  He is a brilliant guy, both as it relates to Real Estate Investing and Internet Marketing.  He and his wife, Heather, have a gazillion units under management.  And, most importantly, Brandon is simply one of the genuinely nicest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Brandon and I agree on 99% of everything to do with REI.  And the 1% that we disagree on is SPECTACULAR!


Well – two reasons.  He is my friend, but unfortunately we live on opposite sides of the country.  CFFU Live is a fantastic excuse for us to get together!  (I am nothing if not honest).

But also, I thought you would appreciate picking both of our brains – 2 for the price of 1…lol

So, if you haven’t registered yet, REGISTER NOW – you will not regret it!

Hope to see you in Lima on October 12th.


  • Marjorie Reply

    I didn’t think this day could get more excited! Definitely looking forward to a great day!

    • Ben Reply

      Looking forward to it, Marjorie!


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