Negotiating to Win!

How important is presentation in Real Estate Investing?  How important is it to be well-spoken both in person and on paper…?

Most people think of Real Estate investing as purely a numbers game.  While this is true in the sense that once you get a lead, analyzing it is all about the numbers, putting yourself in position to get that lead in the first place has much less to do with the numbers and more with how people see you!

I don’t know how you feel about this, but I believe in negotiating to win.  In this video we will take a semi-scientific look at negotiation, where it comes from, and why it works the way that it does.  Negotiation, after all, is something we do in our lives on a daily basis whether we know it or not.  Might as well understand how it works if you’re going to do it 🙂


  • Trevor Reply


    Good stuff! You touched on a lot of good things that can be applied to real estate and life in general.

    You’re right about your reputation following you and the benefits of always doing what you say you are going to do.

    Nothing like a J.A.B video to get me excited about real estae, think I’ll hop on the Harley and go scout out some properties this evening…..ahhh Florida winters……


    • Ben Reply

      Be careful on that thing, Trevor. I sold mine 🙂

  • Mhamed channaj Reply

    People will always judge you by the words you use….fact!
    Thanks for the video.

    • Ben Reply

      Exactly! Thanks indeed for watching, Mhamed.

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