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Something very exciting, financially speaking, happened in my life within the past few months.  I have more spring in my step on account of it.  What was it – I reversed the Time Paradigm!

The concept behind time paradigm is something that I’ve innately known and sensed in my life for a long time, but had not formulated in concise terms until recently.  What is important for you to know is that within the past few months, I’ve been experiencing some very positive changes in my life.  I am seeing things come to fruition following many years of dedication and hard work – seeing the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel after many years of grind.

Well, as it often happens, I felt an intense desire to share my excitement with someone who I thought would relate, Someone who I felt had gone through similar transition in his life, and would therefore be able to offer perspective.

I called a good friend of mine.  He had come out of a successful corporate career while still quite young, and has been able to parlay into an equally stellar career as a Real Estate investor.  We are about the same age, and we typically connect at least once per week via the telephone to share notes, so to speak.

Well, having heard what I had to say, he simply responded:

“Ben – you’ve reversed the Time Paradigm…”

What Is Time Paradigm for Investors

Time Paradigm is a concept that describes the relationship of time and money.  And in this relationship, there are only two options:

Option 1:         Time is working against you.

Option 2:         Time is working for you.

That’s it – there are no other possible options.  The reason the rich are getting richer is precisely because time is helping them.  Their financial lives are designed in such a way whereby with every passing month and year the rich are becoming stronger and more financially free – it is automatic!

On the other hand, the reason the poor are getting poorer is because every passing day takes them further and further from anything that can be described as financial success, and this also happens automatically and by default.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the synthesis of time and money, otherwise known as the Time Paradigm, there is no such thing as standing still.  Time does not stand still, and it’s either helping or hurting you – period…

Is Time Working Against You as an Investor?

Answer the following questions:

  • Does someone other than you decide when and how much you get paid?
  • Does all of your income come from the same source?
  • Can you give yourself a promotion, or does someone else decide how much you are worth?
  • Do you decide when to take a vacation, or do you need to ask for permission?
  • Will money continue to come in if you can’t or don’t want to work?

Do you see where I’m going with this.  Here’s the reality – if all that you know how to do is to stay healthy and show up to punch the clock day in and day out, then time is very much against you.  Why – because you are not getting any younger or any healthier, and there will more than likely come a time when you may simply be unable to continue to fulfill the function of a rat in a race…

And how much income you make doesn’t matter either, guys.  Here’s the thing – the only difference between a guy earning $230,000 and a guy earning $37,000 is quality of life as represented by “things”.  While it’s true that higher income affords more toys, the end result is the same – time takes its’ tole more often than not…

Let me give you an example:

My Tenant

One of my past tenants was an older gentleman.  Not too old, actually, but quite ill.  He struggled financially.  I mean, he was an honorable kind of a guy, and he paid his rent every month like clock work.  But, he struggled…

But at one point this guy was a highly successful professional in the financial services industry.  He had the income and the big house, cars, and toys…  And then – there was a traumatic health event which changed every aspect of his life and left him on a government subsidy, which is what happens if you don’t remove yourself from from your income-generating formula.  This guy never in his wildest dreams imagined that he wouldn’t be able to work, and then – he couldn’t work…just like that!

He hadn’t automated his income – huge mistake. He didn’t respect one of life’s most basic realities – as time goes on none of us get any healthier, and so long as you continue to fight time, you will eventually loose!  You can’t earn if you can’t work…

What’s the Answer?

The answer is to reverse the Time Paradigm, which simply means automating you income-generation to the point where it does not involve you.  If you can do this, then as time goes on you actually become financially stronger. This is what the rich do.  It’s what my friend has done.  And it is what I’ve been able to do as well!

Through a series of actions, I’ve been able to position my family’s finances in such a way whereby the question is not whether we can win, but how soon and in what way we will win.  The process is automated and with every passing year and month we gain Net Worth and Cash Flow – it happens rather automatically.  While we do have to manage this process, we no longer have to re-invent anything.  We can, if we so desire, do more, which will only add to the speed with which our plan unfolds and add to the magnitude of the resulting Net Worth and Cash Flow, or we can leave things as they currently are, and be satisfied by what is – which is enough by many people’s metrics.

Great weight is off of my shoulders, guys.  This is a fun place to be indeed.  My family is O.K!

Cash Flow Freedom University

In February of 2013 I launched the Cash Flow Freedom University, which is a comprehensive course of study for real estate entrepreneurs with a focus on creative finance.  Essentially, in CFFU I teach you the tools, techniques, and perspective that have allowed me to accomplish the things that I’ve accomplished.

The Cash Flow Freedom University retails on my site for $295, and on average about 5 people per month take advantage of it.  In CFFU, I teach the basics of what folks need to know about money, finance, and real estate; how to buy income-producing property, what type of property to buy, how, why and where, and everything in between.  I truly believe that the CFFU is the best value online for those who want to understand Real Estate Investing, and folks agree, judging by the reviews…

However, even though the Cash Flow Freedom University is quite comprehensive indeed, I have continued to receive requests for individualized help in the area of analysis of income property.  Folks would offer to pay me hourly fees to help them underwrite investment property.

My answer has, until now, always been NO.  Analyzing a Real Estate transaction does not happen in vacuum.  I feel strongly that in order to take action on a given opportunity, the deal must not only be good, but it must also be appropriate – for you.  To put this differently, a perfectly acceptable deal to me, may be totally wrong for you… Indeed, I believe that every transaction must be thought of holistically – it must be placed within the fabric of your current financial circumstance, and it must be a good fit relative to you individual goals, limitations, and skill level.

With this in mind, I can not possibly offer an intelligent opinion without knowing more about the situation than just the numbers behind a specific deal.  And to accommodate, I created JustAskBenWhy Consulting!

JustAskBenWhy Real Estate Investment Consulting

I gear my consulting to the “whole person”; the entity that is you, financially speaking.  Before we can talk about Real Estate, you must understand budgeting and book-keeping, and I must help you must put systems in place for financial tracking.  If you don’t do these things, acquisition of investment property will most certainly spell financial disaster.

Simply put, balancing a check-book and creating a budget come before high-flying creative finance, and tenant management!

JustAskBenWhy Real Estate Investment Consulting is a Luxury.  

Indeed, with a price tag of $5,000 for the year, JustAskBenWhy Consulting is a luxury. Frankly, most of you would do well to just buy the CFFU for $295 – it is a lot of value. To be able to spend $5,000 you must have already been able to achieve considerable success in your professional life.  But, you have realized that financial security is less about earning a lot of money, and more about earning money passively and systematically, and about controlling costs.

If you sign up for JustAskBenWhy Real Estate Investment Consulting, be ready to make significant changes in your life!

To find out more of what’s involved, please visit my website.


  • Lou Reply


    Thank you for this great article. It came at the right time.

    • Ben Reply

      You are welcome indeed, Lou!

  • Serge S. Reply

    Ben – your friend must have been a genius! This is not a theory but a fact that so many will never grasp. The goal of every RE investor should be to build net worth while they sleep. If you work a corp job that job should be viewed as a bridge to get there and NOT the end game.

    Your consulting services are of great value and rather cheap if you look at what the so called gurus charge to simply blow smoke. You provide a true picture of what it takes to succeed and the hardships along the way.

    • Ben Reply

      Serge – thank you indeed. I do happen to think of my friend as a pretty smart guy…And yes, I try to deliver value.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  • linda Reply

    I really like your article, thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

    • Ben Reply

      Thank you, Linda!

  • Alvaro Reply

    Great content Ben, I enjoyed the article.

    • Ben Reply

      Thanks indeed, Alvaro!

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