Where to Buy Investment Real Estate

You’ve heard it said many times that location is key in real estate.  It is, but perhaps for different reasons than you though.  In this article I will explain to you where to buy investment real estate, and why. WHAT DRIVES VALUE in REAL ESTATE To me – the investor and manager of a portfolio of real property, […]

Is a Real Estate License Necessary?

In the past many people recognized me as a musician, violinist, artist, and teacher – that was in the past. Today, more and more people recognize me as a real estate investor, syndicator, businessman.  However, neither in the past nor in the present has anyone confused me for a marriage councilor. And yet, having no formal […]

CAP Rate Real Estate – What is it and How to Use It

INTRODUCTION CAP Rate (Capitalization Rate) Analysis is the standard barer for estimating value of any large commercial  income-producing asset, including multi-family residential which is 5 units or larger, multi-unit commercial, strip mall, retail mall, office, storage, industrial, etc.  While the CAP Rate Analysis is not typically utilized by the bank appraisers for small multiplex, as […]

What’s More Important When Buying Rentals - Equity or Cash Flow

How to Build Wealth with Rentals – A Case Study

INTRODUCTION I have been investing in income-producing real estate for nine years now.  My portfolio currently consists of 28 units which generate Gross Rental Income of about $170,000/year and Cash Flow of around $45,000/year. I don’t flip houses. I don’t wholesale houses either. I don’t do Sub2 or Lease/Option sandwich deals or any other fancy VooDoo real […]

I Don’t Make Down-payment – Here’s Why

Real Estate investing is a cash intensive game, and this is nowhere evident than in the requirement of a down-payment.  Yes indeed, the overriding reality for most people is that financing the purchase of an investment property generally involves a sizable down-payment.  More than that, unbelievably enough, a rather wide cross-section of real estate investors […]