CFFU is 20% OFF for 3 days in January!

What Is Cash Flow Freedom University?

CFFU Catch SquareCash Flow Freedom University is an educational package that I put together to help folks gain understanding and perspective on real estate investing.  The information is delivered via 20 Audio Seminars (MP3), each addressing a different aspect of my investing strategy and methods, as well as the accompanying print version (PDF).  Once the MP3 files are downloaded to your hard drive, you can conveniently burn them onto discs or any other applicable medium for pay-back. As a bonus, I’ve included with Beta version of my analysis software – CFFU Cash Flow Analyzer: And most importantly, with the purchase of CFFU you’ll gain access to me via e-mail or telephone!

CFFU Is the Best Value Online!

Cash FLow Freeom University Regular everyday price of CFFU is $295, which I realize is not an insignificant amount of money. Even the discounted price in this offer is not cheap by any stretch. But believe me when I tell you that while not cheap, CFFU is a steal of a deal for anyone who wants to understand real estate investing. All you have to do is search online and you’ll discover that it’s easy to spend thousands of dollars for much less value than CFFU offers! Besides, the Cash Flow Freedom University comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee – no questions asked.  If having studied the materials you don’t agree with me that CFFU is worth much more than you paid for it, ask for your money back within 30 days and you’ll get it – period.

What People Are Saying

Many folks have benefitted from the knowledge I packed into the Cash Flow Freedom University.  Here’s the most recent testimonial: And you can read many testimonials here. Furthermore, CFFU has been reviewed and recommended by some of the heavy-weights in the real estate investing universe including Brandon Turner formerly of and now, Mark Ferguson of, and Seth Williams of – click on their names to read what they have to say. Look – I would never say CFFU is all that you need to know, or that it will answer every question that you may possibly have.  But, it is a really good place to start and it will provide you with a formidable foundation of knowledge and understanding of real estate upon which to build your business.

And CFFU is 20% OFF for 3 days Only in January!

20% SALE: January 21 – 23

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