Why I do What I do…

Leybovich FamilyI am a positive guy; not by nature, you understand – by necessity.  Indeed, by nature I am either a pessimist, or a realist, depending on how you look at it.  But, I am an entrepreneur, which means that my career, my job, and my capacity to make money is a function of thinking, brainstorming, and never losing faith that impossible is possible – I just need to figure out a way!  

In other words, I must at all times have the attitude that I am already “there”, just not yet; that I’ve already made it – created it – figured it out, just not yet; that  the money is already in the bank, just not yet…

How I Stay Positive

There are many techniques I use to stay positive.  Setting actionable and measurable goals, and tracking progress toward those goals is really helpful to me.  I find that unless I am “in route” toward a goal, I grow “stale”, and eventually become unfocused and simply blah…

I also find it very helpful to plan out each day.  I am acutely aware that everything is in God’s hands.  I am cognizant that I have very little control over most things in life; but this is precisely why I must control those few things that I can.  With this in mind, getting out of bed without a plan is just stupid…it’s one thing to have your plans foiled, it’s quite something else to not even try!

Thus, each night I make a list of things to do the following day.  This way I am always in motion toward something, and it’s the little baby steps that add up over time…


Some days are tougher than others.  I am, after all, in Real Estate, which means that I deal with people.  And people are people…enough said!

Today, as the matter of fact, was one of those days.  And on days like this there is only one thing that keeps me focused and positive – my WHY.  This might sound like a cliché, but it’s oh so true.  If you don’t know why you are fighting, and what you are fighting for – you don’t stand a chance, plain and simple…

My WHY…?

Daddy & AaronHe is my WHY.  His name is Aaron, and he is the reason I do what I do!

Daddy & BellaAnd she is my WHY.  Her name is Bella, and she is the reason I do what I do!

And then there is Patrisha.  She is the love of my life.  She is my WHY, and I’ll move mountains to ensure she can have the life that she deserves!Patrisha & I

My Global Objective

While I am happily unemployed and have been for years, thanks primarily to the Cash Flow from my Real Estate, everything I do now is with the intended goal of getting Patrisha home.  She still works, and while she enjoys what she does, she never misses an opportunity to remind me that being at home and raising our kids is what she would prefer given the option.  

I give myself 4 years to give her this option.  I give myself 4 years to create enough passive income with which to replace her earned income.  This is what the fire is that is burning in my belly, and it’s why I do what I do!

Real Estate Started it All

While I am involved in quite an array of things today, as is evident from an article I wrote a few days ago, income-producing real estate started me on the path of passive cash flow.  If you’d like to follow in my footsteps, the Cash Flow Freedom University is a perfect tool for you.  In CFFU I outline all of my thinking and comprehensively explain my techniques around creative finance and acquisition of property, how to do it right, how not to do it, and why…

Cash Flow Freedom University is 20% OFF

And soon will be the best time to buy this course – CFFU is 20% OFF for three days: January 21 – 23.

As always, I offer a complete, no questions asked money-back guarantee for 30 days!

Don’t miss it.  I only do this once each year in January!


  • Yeshe Reply

    Hi Ben,

    I just read your great article. I think it’s possible for to achieve your “why” and among other things, bring Patrisha home in two years or less instead of four.

    I’d like to talk with you about something you are already doing which you can make money with. I say this as a 25+ year veteran of marketing. Please contact me at the above email. From what I’ve seen so far, I think you are a person I’d like to work with.


    • Ben Reply

      IM is an interesting thing, Yeshe 🙂

  • dennis drury Reply

    My why is also my family, but in addition its time for me to help people achieve. They don’t have to do big things, just more than what they are doing now. It’s time to make a living and help others! Great post.

    • Ben Reply

      Well, it’s kind of difficult to disagree with your desire to “pay it forward”, as they say. We all do that in some way, Dennis, or at least we should!

      Thanks so much for your comment!

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