How to Choose a Good Rental Property

Podcast - Creative Financing for Multiple Investment Properties with Ben Leybovich and the Louisville GalsYou’ve heard the saying – when it rains, it pours.  This certainly seems to be the case with me and guest podcast appearances lately.

Last week, I told you about a show I did with Joe Fairless of Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever podcast.  And today I am pleased to bring you another show.  This one is with Dan Lane of RentalIncome Podcast.

I am excited about this show.  If you’ve followed me for a bit, you know two things about me.  One – I have opinions, and two – I am not particularly bashful about letting you know what they are…:)

One of the arguments that I’ve become infamous for has to do with $30,000 houses.  I’ve written two post on the subject:

Where to buy Investment Real Estate

Why you shouldn’t buy $30,000 houses

Newbies take note: You still shouldn’t buy $30,000 houses

Well, while most every other podcast I’ve done seems to focus on creative financing techniques, in this one we take a look at some of the less obvious and more subjective elements of investing.  Indeed, we spoke the whole time about the pros and cons of investing in cheap houses.

After all, while creative finance answers the question of HOW to buy, the question of WHY BOTHER still remains…we tackle it here.

Take a listen here – you’ll love the controversy!





  • Matt Rosas Reply

    Great job Ben. I wish the interview was longer too.

    • Ben Reply

      Thanks so much, Matt. This short podcast seems to be in vogue right now – a few people are doing it. I agree – too short…

  • condo management @catalyst Reply

    Too short a podcast! Wish you could add some more information. However, links are quite helpful. Your work is really good and has left me asking for more.

    • Ben Reply

      Thanks indeed!

    • Ben Reply

      Thanks 🙂

  • Pavlos Karalis Reply

    Very useful and encouraging article; after 5 years working as a real estate photographer and observing agents, I myself have become interested in investing.

  • Kevin Reply

    Great post!
    What can I do about tenants who damage my property?
    Is it easy to evict them?
    What are my recourse’s if renters damage my property other than evicting them?
    Is there anyway to tell before renting your property to someone that they have a record of damaging property, or that they might have a tendency to do so?

    • Ben Reply

      Kevin – people will damage things. As to recourse there is very little, because people who would choose to damage property are not the type who either have money or credit. As such, what are you going to do…?

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