Excited to Announce My Latest eBook – Is This a Deal?

Real Estate opened doors of opportunity for me, and I am passionate about helping my readers find their way in real estate!  In 2012, I created a set of educational materials for real estate entrepreneurs called Cash Flow Freedom University, which focuses on Creative Finance – the ability to buy property without money.  And in 2013, I published my first eBook which is available on Amazon.com entitled, 13 Steps to Valuing Your First Multiplex – A Step by Step Guide.

NOW COMES… Ben-Ebook-GoodDeal (1) My goal for Is This a Deal is to pick up where I left off in the 13 Steps. In a nutshell, the question being answered here is simply this:  Is This Building a Good Deal?

Unlike the previous eBook which focused strictly on the numbers, this eBook will consider elements that transcend the numbers; I call them the intangibles. 

This eBook is structured in four parts:

Part I:    Why Real Estate…?

I have no way of knowing how much my reader knows about real estate investing. Since understanding fundamentals is necessary in order to comprehend and benefit from this eBook, I see it as prudent to underscore certain basics prior to moving on to the more sophisticated concepts pertaining to real estate investing. I will provide you with my logic – see if you can relate…

Part II:  Value in Real Estate – Tangibles.

We buy income-producing real estate because we hope to improve our financials in some way as an outcome. In this section of the eBook I define and discuss the application of the most commonly used metrics of investment return. The aspects of value defined here can be thought of as black-and-white, clear-cut, unambiguous numbers. You know what they say – the numbers don’t lie… or do they?

Part III:Value in Real Estate – Intangibles.

If all this was only about the numbers, real estate would be an easy game and everyone would play and win. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), the difficult part of playing this game is getting past the numbers. In this section of the eBook I’ll point you in the right direction…

Part IV:  A Case Study.

In the last section, I will tie everything together by using a real-life example of an acquisition that I closed in February of 2013 of a 10-unit apartment building. I’ll discuss my thinking prior to acquisition, as well as my strategies following closing.  This is real life stuff. Nothing is imaginary.

Upon finishing this eBook you will have clear understanding of the following:

  • Why we choose real estate in lieu of other asset types.
  • How to locate good deals.
  • How to analyze and value buildings.
  • How to manage your multi-family acquisitions for the most benefit relative to both cash flow and equity.

I trust you find this eBook helpful, and I encourage you to contact me with any questions or comments.


  • Sharon Tzib Reply

    Congrats on your new book, Ben! I’m sure it’s as informative as your first one was. Look forwarding to reading it one day soon.

    • Ben Reply

      Thanks Sharon!

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