Focus Investing

Suppose that you own 10 buildings in your portfolio and you have 10 mortgages of $80,000 each for a total mortgage debt of $800,000.  Further, suppose your portfolio generates a total of $3,000/month of cash flow.  If you decide that it’s time to start paying off your mortgages by reinvesting $2,000/month of your cash flow, […]

Too many options – I am stuck!

This sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Typically we think of being stuck due to being at a dead end with a lack of options. But, in fact too many options can and does often cause confusion and a sort of intellectual paralysis for new real estate investors. Earlier today I had a conversation with […]

250% Return On Investment – Oh Yeah…

Investing is about numbers, and when measuring return on investment (ROI), most of us focus on the math. However, not all math was created equal – some things are less apparent than other. Allow me to illustrate: I purchased a 10-unit apartment building in February of 2013. Without getting into too many specifics, let me […]

Why Flipping Houses is Hard.

Unfortunately for us, so many people today rely on television as their guiding light, their beacon of truth – so to speak.  If it looks easy on TV, well then it must be easy.  Relative to real estate investing, this couldn’t be any more so with regard to a technique we refer to as Flipping.  […]

The Value of Higher Education?

In a recent editorial entitled “Higher Education Bubble Will Pop,”  George Will examines higher education relative to the concepts of value vs. quality, and makes the point that the two no longer co-exist within higher education.  Truly, most students pay the money for a piece of paper, not so much the knowledge that comes with […]