The  Expensive  Truth  of  Your  Expenses

“The  only  thing  worse  than  being  blind  is  having  sight  but  no  vision.” Helen  Keller   I  am  impressed  by  the  duality  of  our  universe.    The  same  paint  on  the  wall  looks  a  different  shade  from   different  angles;  an  identical  sandwich  seems  to  taste  different  from  one  day  to  the  next  depending  on […]

Now is the time

The effectiveness of rental real estate as a strategy for getting out of the rat race is dependant on one factor – cash flow.  If we can buy-up houses and apartments whereby the rents coming-in are greater than the sum of all of the expenses, then the only two questions are how many of them […]

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The Expensive Truth of Your Expenses

I am impressed by the duality of our universe.  The same paint on the wall looks a different shade from different angles; an identical sandwich seems to taste different from one day to the next depending on my mood; the same song evokes totally different filling in me depending on whether I am listening to […]

Multiple Income Stream Strategy

Question – when going into battle, would you rather have one soldier on your side or a thousand?  Income streams are your soldiers in the battle against the cost of living and running business.  Wouldn’t it be better to have several, so that if one soldier goes down, the others will keep your agenda moving […]

Does Your Cash Flow?

… it is time to make a clear distinction about what income does and does not do. Income may or may not cover your expenses, and it may or may not leave anything for you to spend after your bills are paid. What it most certainly does not do is provide anyone with financial freedom. […]

Net Worth vs. Cash Flow: And the Winner Is…

… I operate under the principle that cash flow, more specifically passive cash flow, is the oxygen of our financial existence.  I do not need assets to pay for food, medical, and my kid’s college bills.  What I need is cash flow!  Net worth without cash flow is like lungs without air – it’s there, […]

Tax Code is a Message Board!

I have come to realize that the tax code is how our government communicates with the citizens.  We live in a free society in which our politicians can not arbitrarily tell us what to do and how to make money.  However, it is completely understandable that the government would want to try enticing us to […]

IRS Defines 3 Types of Income

… In direct opposition to the idea that you have to be employed in order to earn income, is the notion of passive income.  The concept of earning income without work is quite difficult for most of us to comprehend since we’ve all been conditioned by our parents and teachers that we must “work hard” […]

Cash Flow is Great Advantage of Real Estate

I chose real estate as the best investment vehicle for me because it offered the best solution to the problem that I was trying to solve in my life – insufficient income.  I realized that since I couldn’t increase my earning potential in my primary field of music, I needed to develop an alternative source, […]

The World of Investing, and Why I Chose Real Estate

The world of investing is vast. There is an endless span of opportunities from virtually risk-free investments (such as bank savings accounts and personal CDs) to hyper-aggressive and somewhat speculative hedge funds and commodities. I personally did not choose a career that earns a high income bracket, so bank savings accounts and personal CDs are […]

You Must Invest!

… I do not think that trying to save-up for retirement is a viable plan since it does not address the loss of buying power of the currency that is being saved. Understanding that fiat currency is inherently unstable and does not hold any intrinsic value leads me to conclude that currency should not be […]

Currency, Money, and the Folly of Inflation

Ask anyone on the street this question, “What is the difference between currency and money?” I bet you’ll discover that most people haven’t got a clue. This is not surprising because the subject is so out of the mainstream. Nevertheless, knowing the definition of these terms and developing a clear understanding of their differences has […]