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I am always pleased to be invited on someone’s podcast. My definite purpose in life is to teach and there is hardly a better vehicle to reach more people than a good podcast. So, over the years I’ve appeared on numerous shows – everything from BiggerPockets to Cardone Zone, and everything in the middle.

Having said that, I took a break from podcasting over the past year or so, until about a month ago. I’ll be sharing with you a few new appearances over the coming months, starting with this one.

Old Dawg’s REI Network

Bill Manassero came up with an idea for a platform geared specifically to older folks either in or close to retirement. His idea is that there are a lot of websites and shows showcasing the glitz of REI. But, older folks who know life, are able to see through the glitz and pomp. They are not easily excitable, nor do they have time for bad advice. Bill’s audience needs the truth – there’s just no time for nonsense…

This premise is appealing to me. I love to teach, and I don’t have time for nonsense either. Take a listen and I think you’ll enjoy the show.




A Few More Shows

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