Should I Be Syndicating Real Estate Deals

Syndicating Real Estate

What is the second most precious commodities known to mankind?  Time – right?  It is second only to health, and when either is gone – they’re gone; no amount of knowledge or money will bring them back once they’re gone.  Basic truths; not opening any windows to the world here I hope…

Well, I know that what I’m feeling is not mid-life crisis since I went through that when I was like 27 🙂  But, I certainly am finding myself evaluating the impact of my life relative to time.  This is to say that all of a sudden I am keenly aware, more so than ever before, that I only have so much time to accomplish what I set out to accomplish…

This realization brings with it another.  Simply moving in the right direction is not enough.  Simply making progress is not enough.  Indeed – if I dare to set my goals high, than the amount of progress that I make with every step needs to be exponential.  Picture it like this:

While riding a thoroughbred is faster than running, at the end of the day it’s only a horse – one horse.  To get where I am going I need more horsepower than that – I need a Ferrari…


As you know, I am a professional real estate investor. Thus far I’ve focused on small and mid-size multiplex and fortunately have achieved considerable success.  But, should I continue doing what I’ve been doing in the future, or should I make my time worth ten times as much; and how would I do it?

Translated into real estate talk, the question is this: Is a deal involving 100 units as apposed to 10 really that much different, more difficult, or more time-consuming – Should I do deals that are much bigger; Can I do deals that are much bigger; hhow? Let’s take a look at some concrete numbers…Continue Reading at BiggerPockets

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