How is A Class Property Different from B Class?

Would you be terribly surprised if I told you that in the world of Real Estate Investing we sit and try to come up with the most confusing terminology that only we, and no one else, can understand?

Seriously, this business is full of terms and acronyms that make no sense whatsoever to anyone outside real estate. you’d think we do this on purpose, just to confuse newbies…

One set of such terms deals with property classification – A Class, B Class, C Class, and D Class.  Everyone knows these classes describe quality – but how exactly do we qualify?

Here we go:


  • Marie Shaug Reply

    Thanks Ben… I was just wondering about the A, B, C… classifications and came across your video. Perfect! And very helpful! Appreciate you putting it out there.

    • Ben Reply

      You are welcome, Marie! Thanks for your your comment 🙂

  • Rosalynn Reply

    Got it! I was picturing areas in my town (Houston) as you were speaking…

    • Ben Reply

      You’re very welcome, Rosaslynn. As you can imagine, there is much more to this. My qualifying criteria is scientifically and precisely evaluated based on market conditions. I talk about that extensively in CFFU.

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