What Kind of Building Will Build Your Wealth

You’ve heard me say that it’s no more difficult to buy real estate than it is to fall out of a tree.  I mean it – you hand some money over for the down-payment, take a mortgage for the rest, and bam…done!

But why; what’s the point?  Is it to generate financial freedom through passive income?  Is it to build wealth on your balance sheet?

Here’s the thing, folks – not just any building will do that for you, and not just any building that can be bought, should be bought…


  • Luis Reply

    Ben, aren’t those comments self-evident? increased listenership comes out of novel info, more than “constant contact”… something to think about…

    • Ben Reply

      Touche – Luis. These comments should indeed be self-deviant. Obviously the reality is that they are less os than you’d think; I see an awful lot of folks making mistake around this issue…These comments need reinforced timely, in my opinion!

      Thanks so much for jumping in!

  • Rosalynn Reply

    Ben, although I’m sure that this was a teaser to get people interested in Cash Flow uni., which I purchased and think it’s great information, I still think you put out great information in these quick videos, keep it up. Sure, it seems like common sense but in my opinion these are the things people take for granted most times and fall into the traps that you discuss here. As a side note, I think you should have some sort of flyer, prop, banner etc. that says ‘Cash Flow Freedom’. I watch all of Grant Cardone’s podcast and at first it seemed kinda ‘in your face’ marketing for his products but it makes sense to me now. Kinda sends a message that he has multiple programs that can assist me with my goals and that he believes in his product so much that he reminds me CONSTANTLY,lol, that they are there. Just a thought…

    • Ben Reply

      You know, Rosalynn, I’ve been thinking about getting a banner behind me. Thought it’d be a turn off for people – you think it’d be ok?


  • Rosalynn Reply

    I really think you should consider getting something preferably in front.. or back of you while you speak. Maybe try it out with something subtle if that would be more of a comfortable move for you. But, I’m going to assume that most of your viewers will see past whatever promotion you choose and realize the value you offer. Those that are turned off really never understood the value you contribute to the field of real estate and therefore probably would have never supported you in the form of purchasing anything from you anyway. Either way, even if you loose a few you have to think in terms of gaining 10 times more. Just my 2 cents…

    • Ben Reply

      Me – misunderstood? No…

  • Rosalynn Reply

    Go for it!

    • Ben Reply

      Haha – OK!

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